In My Garden


From my backdoor (literally stood on the step) the little building on the right is our sleep out/spareroom/art craft and school room. Veggie beds have onions, garlic and lettuce in them. The small square bed will be sweet peas.


Moving towards the back – front veggie beds on the left are cabbages, kale and spinach. There is a lemon tree and a plum tree. blueberry bushes in the foreground and the blossom tree is a peachcot tree. A;leo peas against the garage on the far left out of shot. The 5 big beds at the back are our main producing veggie beds and currently have brassicas in, broccoli, kohl rabi and kale, some strawberry plants and germinating seeds for carrots and butter beans. Capsicums and zucchini will go in as soon as I’m totally convinced we won’t get a errant frost.


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  1. sally says:

    It all looks so organised and ready to burst into greeness everywhere, feels like a really exciting time of year for you over there now.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh how wonderful to be at this stage, such an exciting time. Enjoy all your time in the garden.

  3. mirari says:

    you did a good job! with so many boxes i’m sure you’ll get to harvest lots of delicious vegetables

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October 6, 2015 Food, Homelife