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Just a day. Its started as nothing special. Then we made strawberry friends.  I used freeze dried strawberries, wow, so tasty. And I added chic chips to the recipe. Because seriously, what don’t choc chips go with? Damn they were good – and gone in less than 12h. 

Madam made jelly, its her new thing. LOVES jelly. She objects violently to the idea we could put fruit or yoghurt in with it. Nope, she wants plain old no frills jelly. Little tip – use half a packet and pour into cupcake cases (we use cheapie $$ store ones). It makes less t=so they don’t spoil. They are a perfect serve and fit beautifully into a lunch box.

The park was warm and welcoming. She played for ages, happy by herself with me sitting nearby, occasionally invited to join in her games. These days I love.


  1. sally says:

    I think maybe you’re just hitting a great time of year! And I love that jelly tip, we’ll have to try that thank you.

  2. mirari says:

    suddenly i’m hungry!!!
    i’ve to make wendie taste jelly, i reember i loved it too when i was a kid

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October 12, 2014 Homelife