This Week – a hobby horse



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We made a super simple hobby horse this week, hand drawn pattern, some flannel form my stash and some yarn that madam chose herself. Its a little seahorse-y looking but meh, she loves it!

this week

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Yup, that sums it up pretty neatly! We have been snuggling up and bunking down. The fires been going and we have been loving the cold and crispy/warm and cosy contrasts.

This week




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This week I have sewn a fair bit. Finishing madams quilt – finally!!! A skirt that was requested a while ago. 3 projects somewhere between cut out and nearly finished languish on my WIP pile. But I feel that they are going to be sewn this side of sooner rather than later. Flowers from the garden, even this late in the year. Ballet and dance imbue our every day in one way or another.
And the relationship madam has with our wonderful patient, kindly spaniel. I grew up with these dogs (although Working Cockers not Springers) and they truly are worth their – in his case not inconsiderable weight – in gold.
She tried every single hair band, accessory, clip and bobble on him, not to mention necklaces and bracelets. He lay there uncomplaining as she played for a full 45 mins. It’s possible he couldn’t escape as she saw fit to put the pony rope on him – but I think he stayed 99% of his own volition.

This week

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Cold evening walks in the woods, her warm Pixie Hooded Coat doing its job. Her mama made doll came too. She made that chair at Kindy and is super proud (understandably) of it. From banging in nails, painting, glueing and stapling on fabric – not to mention sewing they helped her through every step – given her full design control. “Princess Nim” – was there ever a more appropriate label?! There was a dolly/teddy the party – everyone was invited and was allocated toys and shoes as well as cups and food. After that there as mad bed jumping.




I made her some super simple trousers too – fleece from Lincraft (less than a metre to make them!) and some funky side pockets – sort of cargo style. Easiest sew up ever. Madam approves so there may be more in our future.