So after a few days at Vuda Point we sailed out to Musket Cove. It was the most beautiful place and we had a wonderful few days.













She slept on the sail out, passed out in the cockpit with us, oblivious to salty splashes and gusty breezes. We arrived in late afternoon, and after a little wiggle getting moored up we went for a explore. Bliss. Dream sunsets and warm sand and fish filled water.

We had beach bar BBQ’s and found friends for Moo, she had such fun and happily played with a couple of kiwi kids who were holidaying on their grandparents boat. Such lovely kids, the sort you meet and hope that yours turns out as nice. Incidentally they shared the flight back with us as well and were so patient and kind – although did return madam at one point with a very polite ‘Please can you have her now, she’s kind of annoying’. Ha.

We swam in the sea with stripy fishes, found hermit crabs, swam in the salt water pool – madam was not a fan of the ‘yucky tasting water’ – the fact your not meant to drink pool water seemed to have passed her by.

It was family. Warm and inviting. 

We are home, back, settled. the unpacking is done and life is back into its usual routines and rhythms. I will break this up otherwise it will be photo overload. actually it will probably be photo overload anyway, but hey, I tried!


Our time away was spent in Fiji. With amazing family. Who were patient and dignified and fun (even in the face of a cross overwrought small person and some pretty impressive hollering). It was fantastic, we relaxed, enjoyed, explored and even got a little tanned. We stayed with them on the yacht after a very unexpected but very very appreciated treat of a couple of night in the local report. Tropical cabins, air con, ‘BULA’ in flowers on the bed – just like the travel brochures! 













And thats just the first 3 days! Lots of swimming, fire dancers, beach walks, more swimming, exploring the marina (Moo was completely in love with the dolphin on the bow of the big boat) A bar for mum and dad and Catherine and GP Mike with a swing and ‘pirate boat’ for her. Not to mention the friends she made.

It was so wonderful to share it with people who understand us, to see Moo loving her family, jumping right in where we left off earlier in the year. It makes my heart happy to see her relationships growing, the way she interacts and shares with others. Her adorable ‘I love you’ as she descends the cabin ladder, knowing full well any other talking would be swiftly shushed – but an ‘I love you’ – well that’s sacred.

This was my 2nd mothers day without my mum, but my third as a mama. It is a magical day as for so long we really believed that we might not have a little one.

I was spoilt, a beautiful handmade bag from Etsy. One hubby took so much time and love to find and order, and so sneakily too – well done! A card brought to me in bed with a cheery ‘happy moffers day mummy’ (sung to the tune of happy birthday). A card she picked herself, complete with badge (which she pilfered and carried about all day) and scrambled egg on toast with Moose.

We went over to our favorite market after hubby did his run. Fresh veggies, handmade sausages in bread and music all combined to be wonderful. After buying what we needed we headed across the park to the playground and madam enjoyed the swings and seesaw (and stripped down as temps soared to 23 degrees)
She wore her mama made dress with no complaints and charmed everyone. We watched her interactions and character in wonder; where did this amazing little person come from? I am so very lucky to be her mama. It was a beautiful feeling to be out and about with my family, to be enjoying the small bits of life that make up the patchwork that we treasure and memorise.

At the market


Having a boogie to the music






Some mama time to look at beautiful things




Family time, watching my pair enjoying a book while I cook up supper.


I paused a few times to remember my mum too, in those moments that I was savouring as so special, it struck me that there where the moments that I would have shared, chattered about, and used as sparks to ignite memories and reminiscence of our own mothers days when I was the card giver, the cheeky little person demanding ‘one more swing’ or more cuddles.

Playing along with Soulemama 

{This moment } – A Friday Ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.


The concept of extended family is, to me, something that is foreign and historically rejected for the insular arrogance of ‘only needing us’. 

I grew up as an only child to a single parent. I was loved absolutely and completely but withheld from the extended family that many of my contemporaries enjoyed. It is not something I judge as such, it was simply the actions of a parent who was doing the best as she saw it. As a mum I can relate to those feelings, whether in hindsight I think it was right or wrong is irrelevant. All I can do is take lessons learnt and experiences and apply what I have learnt to how we raise Moose.

With marriage and the birth of Moose I gained my own little family unit and a mother in law who has been wonderful and is wholly part of our little family. With the loss of my mum 18 months ago I gained the extended family I’d not know growing up. Amazing people who have smoothly fitted into our lives, into gaps that we didn’t know where there.

It is this family that has taught me so much about holding onto the people you love, enjoying every moment and how important it is for our daughter to have individuals in her life who love her unconditionally and form different relationships and dynamics. They bring experiences unique to them, and it enhances life.  

DSC 0166


DSC 0228DSC01387

Hold onto family, do not let rivalries and misunderstandings come between people, forgive and let go. I learned this from my mum, not letting go eats you up, it makes you dark and twisty and it effects those around you, those you love. 

Embrace those who want to be part of your family, they enhance life, they make moments special and they bring their own brand of unique love.


April 18, 2013 Special Memories

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I have been putting off revising and jump starting the blog until the general look and feel is finished, but I’ve decided Easter is the perfect place to start anew and I need to get my butt in gear and JUST START BLOGGING.

So Easter, umm yeah, its sort of a non-festival for me here. Growing up it was  synonymous with lambs, daffodils, blossom and bud, snow melting, grass growing and mud. Where as now its crispy leaves, bonfire smoke and chills in the air and in my very humble opinion not very Eastery things! Seriously as far as I’m concerned it should be getting close to halloween and guy fawkes.

Its a little part of emigration that bites you every so often, little reminders that your old life, old home is far far away. Mostly its a good bite, a little kick ass ‘woohoo we did it, we are forging a life in a whole new world’, but sometimes it just clashes, glaringly, old with new.

Moving on from my whining, we actually had a great Easter. I made moose some felted easter eggs (great fun and SO easy) and put little mini eggs and treats in them, as well as a pair of Easter trousers and a bunny. She followed a little trail with giggles and smiles and collected her goodies, she was delighted with her bunny and proudly announced ‘mummy made me a bunny, love bunny’. Cutest thing ever!

Easter can work – I’ve just got to make an effort, and her little face was totally worth it.

]Searching for her little felted eggs 

Happy Easter  

'Its up there mummy' 

Mama made Easter bunny 



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