Madam decided that she wants to wear ‘dresses’ to bed. Nighties to the rest of the world. I had some cute owl flannel in the cupboard that I bought on sale at spotlight recently so I experimented with a peasant dress style. Some tweaking and I cut into the enchanted princess fabric that arrived this week. I adore how it looks and best thing ever is that madam does too. I used this free pattern and adjusted it a little. The fabric is from Alexander Henrys Once upon a Time Collection . It took me a while to to decide how to use this fabric. I wanted something that showcased the beautiful designs but also that would be well used and worn to death. PJ’s is the perfect solution for us. There is another one on my cutting table using Heather Ross’s Princess and the Pea. 

I also whipped up a pair of ‘Flower Boots’ from Big Little Patterns. Madam has been wanting a pair since she saw me making the pair I did for the pattern testing. Such a easy pattern to sew up. They literally took me an hour from start to finish. A butterfly on the front was requested and the result I think; speak for for my complete and utter lack of talent for cutting out free-hand shapes. Yeah – that thing on the front. Meant. To. Be. A. Butterfly. The boots where made from little scraps that have been hanging about for ages annoying me – perfect scrap buster. I like these slouchy ones and madam does too – but I’d love to try a sherpa lined pair with a stiffer canvas/drill outer at some point as I think that would also look amazing. 

I also made a pair of pants that go with each nightie. Personally I think they are awesome but its got to be serious winter weather to get her into trousers – even ones with princess on them!

February 21, 2015 Sewing


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I made these up a few weeks ago as a tester for Lisa’s pattern. They are going to a friends daughter for her birthday next month so are tucked away in the cupboard, wrapped in tissue paper. Little miss cannot wait for a pair of her own.

The pattern is from Big Little Patterns and can be found here – its currently on sale as its a new release! Go grab it now. The boots come in a variety of sizes from bootie size for babies right through to Youth sizes. Which is awesome as its a pattern you can use again and gain .. and again!

Sewing them up was an easy evening sew. Lovely and simple and super easy to follow instructions. The pattern pieces go together ever so smoothly and the result is wonderful. There is so much you could do to dress these up or down – I had a mess up with my leather for the soles so mine are sheepskin. The lining is up-cycyled cotton and the outer is up cycled wool. Its a great stash buster actually!

The flower is adorable but cold easily be left off if you have a boy or replaced with appliqué or a ‘patch’ if flowers aren’t your thing. You could cap the toe in suede. Pop a fringe round the top. Or pom poms .. who doesn’t love pom poms!

This is such a great pattern and I already have another pair cut and ready to sew for little madam – perfect as winter approaches.
Check out the pattern at 30% off for a short time here

February 15, 2015 Crafting, Sewing


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I tested this adorable pattern this week. I wasn’t able to give it my all as it turned into a busy hectic week and I got a touch stressed by life. However the pattern was easy and forgiving and come together so well. The embroidery details are delightful and fun to sew. There are 3 sizes. All adorable.

Actually it was a little win I needed!

I did the large which turns out a really decent size (mine will become a door stop for madams room). It really is a pattern where your imagination is the limit – some of the testers created the most amazing ‘shrooms. The details, colour and stitching blew me away. They are great stash busters for bits and pieces of felt or wool or even calico or fabrics. My daughter wants a minky one for bed!

These would make the most lovely gift for anyone big or small. They would be adorable as a decoration in a nursery or to create  warm cottage feel in a home and are designed to be functional, robust and stimulate imaginative play in children as well. How cute would a little village of them look?

Check out Big Little on Etsy and have a look at her wonderful patterns. Lisa is generously offering 50% off the Toadstools pattern until the end of the week. Use the code TOADSTOOL50 and you will only pay $3.75 (USD)!
Grab the Toadstools – you won’t regret it!

February 3, 2015 Crafting, Sewing


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I actually made up this skirt as a quick make for Christmas. It’s a lovely design and such a easy sew by Violette Field Threads. I chose my rather hoarded and precious Heather Ross  fabric. I almost cried cutting into it. But I was glad I did. It made the loveliest skirt. Potentially not the very best choice since the skirt is cut on the circle but it worked out ok. 

Because its cut on the circle is perfect for twirling and hot summer days. It has a delightful curved waist in the front and is gathered with elastic in the back. There are optional bubble pockets – usually I’m not a pocket person but I like these!

Circle skirts are much more fabric hungry than traditionally made rectangular panel; gathered waist skirts – But I will confess I really do like how this skirt falls and moves. Definitely more in our future!

Pictures taken at the Buskers Festival in the Park

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January 28, 2015 Little Adventures, Sewing


Who doesn’t all love handmade dolls. Seriously who doesn’t covert those amazing Waldorf and OOAK dolls on Etsy and Felt. We have big doll lovers in this home.  

So when Lisa told me she was working on a very special project. A vintage style doll that can be sewn at home, by a mama. That could be made from materials we can all source, by someone with basically no doll making experience. Well, I was intrigued and excited and asked to pretty please be included on testing the pattern.

Lisa has made a wonderful pattern, with excellent instructions that break the sewing and making into bite sized chunks.

The face is all hand embroidered. Lisa has written a really comprehensive guide to the embroidery and how to do everything. I was a little nervous of doing it as I’ve never embroidered before but it was actually all done and dusted in one evening; sitting by the fire. Even hubby was impressed! Her little ears are also stitched on – possibly one of the cutest little details that I adore. Her hair is simple to create and her hairstyles are all beautiful.


This was meant to be a set of pictures of my second doll. Madams Christmas gift. All finished and dressed. But life interrupted art. So here’s a sneak peek of her in a very ‘work in progress’state. Full reveal later in the week.


The clothes included in Lisa’s pattern are delightful. Machine sewn and finished with lovely little details. I found the kimono dress could be made with either a back opening or as a fully functioning kimono wrap. And the knickers can be lengthened if you want.

This is ‘Polly’. She is made to Big Little’s ‘Fleur’ pattern. You can win her.  She is looking for a home for life. She’s made of organic calico and stuffed with locally sourced Alpaca roving. Her hair is alpaca boucle and her dress is Michael Miller fabric. She also has lovely little navy shoes which she will come with.

Untitled 1010022

Untitled 1010013

Untitled 1010024

Untitled 1010016

Pop by Big Little on Etsy  and use the code FLEUR15 to get 15% off the pattern, right up until Saturday. Just pop the code in at the checkout. It would be a great gift for a friend or to make for a little person for Christmas.

And the big question. If you bought the pattern today could you make her for Christmas? Yes, yes you could. Honestly, if you can find a few hours and a few 10 min moments here you can make her before Santa comes calling. All the notions you need are easily sourced.

Now if you are looking at this and thinking. That’s all very well for you, but all I’ve ever sewn before are straight lines. Don’t be put off. She is so achievable and rewarding. Give it a go.

Click HERE to get Fleur with 15% off

If you would like to nominate a child to win Polly who is pictured in this post (pink haired doll) please use the link below, tell us who the child is and why your’e nominating them. The nominations are open internationally but be aware that she will only arrive in time for Christmas if you are in NZ (or possibly Oz if the post is favourable!!) You can also nominate through Instagram using the hashtag #biglittledollgiveaway 

a Rafflecopter giveaway



I bough this pattern in the black friday sale. Ive umm’d and ahh’d over it for a while. But at nearly half price it was rude not to buy it! I made this little dress up over an evening, less than 3h from start to finish. Super simple but I think super stylish. I adore the pleats – first time I’ve ever tried them.

The cowl neck got a mixed reaction. Partially I think because when I asked her if she liked the ‘cowl neck’ she though I said ‘cow’ and immediately presumed I was dressing her to look like a cow – oh the mind of a 4yr old. Also it was quite high and stiff as the fabric is a woven. So I took it off her and cut the cowl down to half the hight and stuffed her back in the dress. Success, no complaining.

I can’t wait to make another – I’m thinking the next I’ll do with a plain knit bodice and cowl and do the skirt part in a nice woven. I really like this pattern and I’d recommend it. Its easy to follow and well written. I did change how I put the bodice together, not by a lot but simply so I had enclosed shoulder and side seams but that was my only deviation from the instructions (which is a miracle as I’m terrible at wondering off on my own tangents)

I also think it could look quite cool reversed with the collar points at the front. I might try that …… Or as a button up shirt.

Yup, this pattern gets my vote

December 3, 2014 Crafting, Sewing


When Lisa from Big Little asked for testers for an adorable caplet I just had to put my hand up and say yes. Actually it went more like .. “yes .. yes, me …. pick me, pick me” with much virtual handwaving, like an over enthusiastic primary schooler.


Since I didn’t have all the required extras (pompom trim and a front toggle) I went a little freestyle with it. The fabrics are both op-shop finds. The green was handprinted by someone, possibly as a textiles project I think. The lining is the same fabric as the dress she’s got on.


Untitled 010113PA010170

Untitled 010144

It was a great little cape to sew up, fast and easy and came together beautifully. As always Lisa included step by step instructions and plenty of pictures to help guide you along. It took an evening to make, so it’s a perfect pattern for your stash for costumes and quick makes.

I have plans to make a modified summery version as well with a button under each arm to help it stay in place during very active play or windy days and use a nice light linen as something easy to thrown on to keep the sun off.

It’s a great pattern, check out Lisa’s Etsy shop Big Little and grab it. Just think how adorable it would look in red wool for christmas!

November 5, 2014 Crafting, Sewing

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