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Evening swing time with the family
Mothers day
Because, seriously, why do you need a dress?

The autumn weather has been lovely, the seasonal change is welcomed. Morning light floods into the open plan kitchen/dining/living area making mornings bright and light and cheerful. It warms the house and our moods. 




Yup – that’s frost on the grass! (and hot tape for the pony, marking the beginning of using the big lawn as a winter paddock)

Unfortunately the change in season has bought a new challange. Little moose has become suddenly, but totally, afraid of the dark. It’s very real and has brought out the timid side that we don’t see that often. She has been wanting the light on at night for a little while, on and off, but happily accepting ‘no’. But the last week she’s been able to really tell us, she’s not happy. The darkness worries her. To the point of not going into the kitchen if the lights are off, or down the (very short) hallway to her lit up bedroom.

It breaks my heart to see her hurriedly close the curtains as dusk falls, to peer out and say ‘no see the moon, moon not coming’. She hovers in the light, staying away from the dark edges. Even trips out in the twilight make her jumpy and concerned.

So today (after sleeping with her last night for comfort) we went into town after swimming and bought her a lamp, a very low watt bulb and some fabric to cover it and I made her a night light lamp. We are looking into other ways to help her too, but its worked well this evening. Its not my flashes crafting but she liked it.


There are a few books we want to get to read to her – but its hard as many feature monster as well – something we don’t want to add to the mix! Its looking like ‘Cant you sleep, little bear’ and ‘The owl who didn’t like the dark’ will be winging there way to our house soon, as well as a higher power bill as we make sure that we keep lights on and the dark pushed outside.

We had a lovely, dry warm weekend, not a lot of house chores done but some fantastic family time and Moose really enjoyed having daddy to herself to boss about. Seriously that child can issue orders!





Untitled 1845DSCF1862

Photo 4

She adores her bike and being outside, the evening light was brilliant on saturday so after her nap we headed out for a bike while her daddy went for a run

Photo 3Photo 11Photo 12

We had a great trip out to Oxford for the farmers market on Sunday, bought fresh produce for the week, chatted to sellers we know and ate homemade sausage in bread while listening to a local girl play the accordion. Moose clapped and wiggled and love it.
It’s is a great little township, lots of heart and soul and great community. Its a fantastic hangout on a market day. The park is really well equipped and on a 22 degree autumn day was magical. We often discuss moving over the river and living there, but somehow the pull of our friends keeps us here.
Before emigrating and starting our own family we didn’t really understand the pull of being ‘close’ to friends and family, but now, older, possibly wiser, we really cherish those around us.

Photo 1Photo 2

Moose announced this morning that she wanted a ‘day out’. So we chatted over breakfast about what we could do and chose a trip to our local conservation park. She chose a mummy made dress, a little ‘handbag’ and seriously informed our kitten “you stay here, to many big animals will scare you’ before we left. Cameras in hand and picnic packed we headed off after a quick drink at our local haunt. The park is only a 20 min drive down the road.

It was a lovely morning, the sun came out, it peaked at 22 degrees and we had a brilliant time. 

Moose was on great form, chatting up a storm and loving being out. We rode the train, saw the animals and picnic’d in the sun. Perfect time with my girl, she’s just so much fun to hang out with and I love getting an insight to her view of the world. The way children see things, their experiences and interactions are all so inlightening. I hope that by sharing these little adventures I get to know her better, understand her more and share in her world.







This weekend was a quiet one as it has poured with rain literally ALL weekend. It ends a busy week that has seen us dashing about from one appointment or catch up to another (in a good way). Moose has been having nightmares so Ive been up most nights in the last week to cuddle and re-settle her, on more than one night multiple times.

So this weekend was earmarked as some for recharging and enjoying each other company, a spot of autumn gardening, a harvest festival and some time with friends.

And then it rained, and rained, which (excuse the pun) washed out our plans. Apart from the associated issues with confining a toddler to the indoors for over 48h its actually been really lovely. Lots of family time, lots of playing chase, hanging out together and embracing roaring fires and baked treats.

We had a fantastic playdate with a couple of Moose’s buddies on Saturday morning, lots of dancing to ABBA and eating popcorn and orange segments and cups of tea, as well as a hastily squeezed in walk in the woods in between rain showers. Im so proud of my little girl, she’s so social now, loves her friends and generally plays well, if a bit of a goofball at times. She has a real sense of empathy and is beginning to enjoy role and little world play. Although in most cases can be found either bashing away at musical instruments or riding on a rocking horse!

She’s so active and engaged. It is at odds with the ill introverted baby who distrusted and hated the world and we are so proud of how far she’s come and her astonishing development and sheer happy spirit.

Photo 3Photo 1




Photo 1

At the quiet times I did some crafting and enjoyed a bit of a relax. The sewn ponies were for a little girls birthday as a last minute swiftly sew gift, the larger was a little rougher than I hoped (my whip stitch needs work!) but is charming in a bright fun soft flannel kind of way. Im really pleased with the smaller of the two, it was a surprise as its from a old felted baby jumper (an ‘oops’ washed it on to hot a wash) and some yarn form the pre-loved store. It was quickly put together to make sure the older sister wasn’t left out, but its actually my personal favourite. It’s also a coincidental mini of Mooses own real pony so she has requested her own ‘softy Quinn’.


April 21, 2013 Little Adventures

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Photo 2



Photo 3


Weekending in autumn sunshine, exploring by the river, her little voice calling to us ‘come this way, Nimmy goes first’ where 2 weeks ago she would have followed behind refusing to step ahead.

Hobbes dog loving the river, beautiful views and light through tinted leaves

Conversations with daddy while waiting for lunch before picking vegetables out at the market.

Painting – the ‘roof’ of her new table tent, she’s becoming remarkably creative and was using the most beautiful long strokes

Kitten love, best easter pressie ever.

Last week we had a morning full of chores and house tinkering and Moose tagging along ‘helping’ in the only way a toddler can help, that cute adorable yet mildly frustrating ‘help’ that result in all jobs taking 2x longer than you anticipated. And in my case resulting in edgy tempers and a lot of no’s. 

So we finished the necessities and headed out across the lightly frosted garden with watery sunlight and to the woods, its our current favourite place of quiet and relaxation.







Finished off by a fluffy at our local haunt


We love autumn in our family, its a crunchy crisp time with misty mornings and the insistent permeating smell of bonfire and woodsmoke. I adore the darker mornings (hubby does not due to starting work at 7am – in the dark!) and the first suggestions of a little light frost. Its welcomed in by amazing red sunrises and very delicately snow dusted mountains peeking through clouds.

Walks in the wood at the end of our street are a highlight, acorn caps, crunchy leave and that beautiful light that goes hand in hand with a lowering of the suns line. It is also an excuse to drag out the jumpers, warm colours, reds, oranges and greens. Boots are retrieved from the darkest recesses of wardrobes and dusted off.









Its especially magical as its the first year Moose has been able to really participate and enjoy, she discovered jumping in leaf piles on our walk, and the acorn caps came home and were filled with little felted ‘acorns’. Her expressions of interest in what can only be described as the most random of things, her intent interest in a rotten holey leaf and a muddy blade of grass, but her total disinterest in moss cover twigs and crisp red leaves and pine cones, its a lesson in acceptance and individualism!

Walks like that are wonderful little slices of peace and contentment


We had a great weekend away in Hanmer, it’s such a relaxing place and so many cool places to eat and get coffee and walk and play.
Had a great time, lots if walking, triking and biking.

September 18, 2012 Little Adventures

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