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Weekending in autumn sunshine, exploring by the river, her little voice calling to us ‘come this way, Nimmy goes first’ where 2 weeks ago she would have followed behind refusing to step ahead.

Hobbes dog loving the river, beautiful views and light through tinted leaves

Conversations with daddy while waiting for lunch before picking vegetables out at the market.

Painting – the ‘roof’ of her new table tent, she’s becoming remarkably creative and was using the most beautiful long strokes

Kitten love, best easter pressie ever.

Last week we had a morning full of chores and house tinkering and Moose tagging along ‘helping’ in the only way a toddler can help, that cute adorable yet mildly frustrating ‘help’ that result in all jobs taking 2x longer than you anticipated. And in my case resulting in edgy tempers and a lot of no’s. 

So we finished the necessities and headed out across the lightly frosted garden with watery sunlight and to the woods, its our current favourite place of quiet and relaxation.







Finished off by a fluffy at our local haunt


We love autumn in our family, its a crunchy crisp time with misty mornings and the insistent permeating smell of bonfire and woodsmoke. I adore the darker mornings (hubby does not due to starting work at 7am – in the dark!) and the first suggestions of a little light frost. Its welcomed in by amazing red sunrises and very delicately snow dusted mountains peeking through clouds.

Walks in the wood at the end of our street are a highlight, acorn caps, crunchy leave and that beautiful light that goes hand in hand with a lowering of the suns line. It is also an excuse to drag out the jumpers, warm colours, reds, oranges and greens. Boots are retrieved from the darkest recesses of wardrobes and dusted off.









Its especially magical as its the first year Moose has been able to really participate and enjoy, she discovered jumping in leaf piles on our walk, and the acorn caps came home and were filled with little felted ‘acorns’. Her expressions of interest in what can only be described as the most random of things, her intent interest in a rotten holey leaf and a muddy blade of grass, but her total disinterest in moss cover twigs and crisp red leaves and pine cones, its a lesson in acceptance and individualism!

Walks like that are wonderful little slices of peace and contentment


We had a great weekend away in Hanmer, it’s such a relaxing place and so many cool places to eat and get coffee and walk and play.
Had a great time, lots if walking, triking and biking.

September 18, 2012 Little Adventures

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