A spring day. The sun came out and it got hot fast. sunhats and sunscreen came out. Facepainting and classic cars. Fairys and glitter. Cooling off with friends in the river. Picnics of chippies and carrot cake.










Spring has definitely arrived here. So many flowers and blossom and the last of the kale to be eaten as its bolting like crazy. The kid has delighted in being able to pull out shorts and summery tops and play outside all day.

Daylight savings came in last week – and while it has metaphorically kicked my ass for bedtimes and sleep patterns, the lighter evneing are fabulous. Being able to get out walking without a headlamp and enjoying the balmy light and sound of birds at dusk.

We love winter and winter sports, but there is something just awesome about days where you dont need coats and scarfs and the washing doesnt need collecting as soon as the temp drops at 3pm. The grass is growing fast and it wont be long until the swimming pools are open.

October 2, 2016 Homelife

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Her first gym competition this weekend. A gym fun class and she did great. She barely showed any nerves and did a great job on almost all the apparatus. Weirdly her usualy strong bar didnt go so great and her usualy weak vault went well. She can’t wait to do it again.

After a full on couple of weeks with ballet practices, jazz and other gym performances, shes now shes snuggled up nursing a mild cough and looking forward to the school holidays and a bit of a break.

September 24, 2016 Homelife

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We had such a lovely walk earlier this week, it was bright and sunny and the woods felt really alive again. The kid collected pinecones to paint and random leves and twigs. I think she has idea of making ‘tea’ with them. To be honest I’d zoned out a little as she told me her plans. I was listening to the birds!

The trousers are a slight mod of the Big Little Tree Climbing pants. Made full length, double side pockets and peiced fabric as I didnt have enough chambrey to do the full length. Although this pattern is advertised as a pantaloon style I really rate them as a quick easy sew harem pant. The fit is roomy and comfy which the kid adores and they are just so easy to whip up. Keep an eye on Big Little over the next few weeks as I’ve heard there are some exciting things coming really soon! I tend to follow most of my favourite designers on FB. Its just so convenient.

September 16, 2016 Homelife

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A late flurry of snow, snowman building. It was a strange day, weather wise. It snowed, hailed, blew gale force sleet sideways, and in between there were moments of delightful sunshine.

Madam was loving her new Therm jacket that arrived that morning (great timing!) Although I try to make a huge portion of madams clothes I have to admit some things are beyond my skills. Waterproof outwear falls into that category. Because we spend so much time outside its important to find jackets and pants that will stand up to the weather and more importantly multiple use and hard wear. If it comes from a NZ company like Therm that’s even more awesome.

This jacket is fabulous. The kids favourite things about it are the sparkly zip pull and the fact that when it gets wet a pretty pattern appears on the outer fabric. Pretty cool even if I do say so. I love that it is lined with soft fleece and there weren’t any complaints of being cold despite a long stint snowman building and snow angel making. It’s got a nice long back, reflective strips and the thumb hole cuffs that fit so comfortably into gloves and mittens.

By the afternoon it was time to relaxing on a beanbag and watch something on netflix!

September 9, 2016 Homelife

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Warm winter light and time to play at the playground. We have been pottering through this winter, a little homeschool in the mornings, lazy afternoons. We use a reading programme and I do a little maths and spelling with her (on a small and informal scale) but most of the rest is just letting the kid follow her heart and her interests. Currently that means spending a lot of time on her monkey bars, playing with her dolls and play dates with friends. She has a writing (and read aloud) group fortnightly which includes a extended playtime afterwards for all the children.

Lazy play where the kids run barefoot or gumbooted round gardens, bounce on trampolines. Carry the muddled heads of snowmen about or chalk up a concrete patio. It is interesting watching kids who are broadly unscheduled; play. There is a relaxation, a lack of urgency to what they do. Its a delight and a lesson.

She loves to bike and hike so we often find ourselves peddling to playgrounds or the woods. Or a afternoon in the hills if the weather is nice. She voraciously follows her own extra curricular interests, dancing and gymnastics four days a week at the moment. Rather more than I had hoped for but she was quite determined not to drop anything before the end of the year. The promise of a looming stage performance just to great.

August 10, 2016 Homelife, homeschooling


A delightful walk through the beech woods and up into the hills. A perfect way to spend a Sunday. Fresh air and hot chocolate. Snow ball fights and marvelling at nature. After a stressful couple of weeks where we have all felt short tempered and buffeted by life, it was just what we needed to recharge and reconnect.

A hike we want to get back out and do again in the no to distant future. We ended up turning around when we got to a particularly wet spot where discretion was the better part of valour and we put dry feet above distance.

August 2, 2016 Homelife


We have used the holidays for some time out visiting places where we can just hang out and let time pass by. No rushing or time frames. Just hanging out.









A trip up to the hills last weekend – I’m blogging SO far behind at the moment, sorry – at some point I’ll get caught up. And will even get round to posting the glacier/wildlife/Alaska parts of the holiday which is already fading fast into the background.

I feel like I want to scream, STOP. Everything just stop. Would shit please just slow down.
Clearly its not going to. And paradoxically the more stressed and anxious I get about things going to fast and not being in control, the faster time flies by. There’s a life lesson in their somewhere .. if only I could slow down and realise it. Joking. Mostly.

So in the spirit of slowing down, breathing and enjoying. We headed up to the hills for a bit of a walk and a play. We were delighted and surprised to drive up the pass and find the top covered in snow still. We stopped and (parked on an icebank ha) to get out and have a crunch about. It was pretty nippy. More so than we expected – and the pass is high and breezy. So after a fairly brief but aggressive snowball fight we headed downwards to the limstone rocks.

The carpark was teaming and we could see people tobogganing from the road, so up we marched for a look see. Obviously we failed to bring our toboggan. But it was nice walking, climbing and walking on the mostly frozen edges of the pond.

It was good. We breathed and relaxed and slowed down a little. Obviously to be slingshotted at hyper-speed into a new week with gay abandon the next day. But it was lovely while it lasted.

June 13, 2016 Homelife



The ship docked in Vancouver while the majority of passengers disembarked and a set of new ones got on. We got off for the day and headed out of the centre and towards Stanley Park for some fresh air and trees and a visit to the aquarium.

The walk out followed the harbour was was really lovely. Good to stretch our legs. The aquarium was fantastic. We had a good couple of hours walking about and exploring the different areas. The stingray touch tank was amazing (They feel like a wet slimy bar of soap) and we saw other feelings and bits. They do have larger marine mammals (something I don’t always agree with … Sea life should be in the sea, not a tank) but after talking to the staff it seems almost all of their animals are with them from rescue not capture and they have provided homes for a number of animals not suitable for wild release.

After a few hours we had to head back to the ship to re-embark. Wow. So. Much. Queuing. But the sunset when we left was amazing and made the late leaving time worth it. Well almost.
It transpired that the queues through US customs (clearing all passangers ahead for Alaska) delayed the ship by 3 hours. Which meant we missed our tides through the narrows.
But it all worked out OK in the end. We still got to stop everywhere we were meant to. And saw all we wanted to see. And had an afternoon/evening at sea that was definitely ‘at sea’. So much so the never travel sick hubby and I took Dramamine!

So after leaving Vancouver and a day at sea we were headed to Juneau. And whales 😉

May 13, 2016 Homelife

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