The garden is beginning to look ‘autumny’ – that is to say the climbing beans have come down. Onions are coming up and being hung, as is the garlic. The tomatoes are slowly – slowly ripening. Strawberries by the bucketful. Courgettes are slowing down but the squash are coming through great guns. The pumpkin plant is enormous (must get some pictures) but very few fruits so far. I pulled the first of the rainbow carrots today. So exciting. Nim was delighted to see ‘pink’ carrots. Peppers are big enough to eat. 

The seedling trays are looking dull – we’ve had a few days of really cool weather (single digits at night, cold and rainy in the day) which have slowed them. My planted out seedlings are slow to come away – poor things went in a just the wrong moment weather wise.

Its delightful out there at the moment, there are weeds and dead bits and we are trying to get on top of it all, but it feels real and alive and where we want it to be. Today hubby and i were chatting and stood by his office door, looking out, we both used the term ‘oasis’. 

“As you walk through the desert of life, may you always find your oasis – a place where you can find safety and sustenance.”
Although the literal meaning of oasis is a green spot in the desert, it can also be used to describe a peaceful area in our everyday lives.

March 6, 2014 Food









Today was wet and windy. Pre-school in the morning while I ran and met a friend. Quiet coffee and chatting, other friends passing by with hello’s, hurried words and greetings. My run was cold and gusty. Big fat splatters of rain. An afternoon inside, fire blazing, hot chocolates. Baking sprinkle cookies. Funny little wonky shapes. Brightly coloured sprinkles. Quiet activity with her threading beads. Books to read and share. Happy peace.

*We use a simple cookie dough recipe. 100g butter, 50g sugar 175g of flour. Mix, knead a little. Roll out. They egg free and really easy to do gluten free or dairy free too. Although I like the butter! You can add citrus zest, or spices, or coco powder. The sprinkles were an add hoc addition curtsy of a 3yr old who can reach the shelf in the pantry and a mama who wasn’t looking! Cook for about 10 mins – but look in and check them – these little shapes cooked fast and ended up a touch ‘well done’. 

March 4, 2014 Food











The garden is going great guns so I felt it deserved a post. Spinach and beet seedlings are in for autumn, as well as broccoli and cauliflower seedlings in the brassica bed. We are harvesting and eating peppers, courgettes, carrots, the tomatoes are redding up and the onion tops are fallen and drying out. The courgettes are suffering from a blossom rot type issue, 50% of the crop are ok, but every second fruit shrivels up and goes nasty before its big enough to pick. My cauliflowers are great and tasty but for some reason my broccoli plants are huge but with no florets on them. 

My winter carrots are looking stronger since I picked out and tidied the bed. There is a random squash plant in there too. And a squash in the ground behind. Its got lovely yellow space ship shaped fruits on it. There is also a pumpkin growing, YAY. Ive never grown pumpkin before!

Our peachcot tree has fruits on it and so does the Fuji apple on big lawn. The others haven’t fruited this year as they had a tough times last year with leaf curl and not thriving. They are better but I think it’ll be a year or so before they truly take off. There position is more exposed than the peachcot.

This week I’m planting winter crop seeds in our little mini planter and tidying the edge flower beds as they are weedy and messy. Music group. A coffee date. A haircut. Then we are off for a weekend down south. I’m meant to be running a 5km hill run. That will be ……… interesting. Given my current state of fitness – or lack thereof.

February 18, 2014 Food



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Untitled 2030028


This is really a garden update, that is to say the gardens doing well, we are continuously harvesting onions, zucchinis, carrots, beens, beets, and brassicas. Not to mention strawberries. Loads of strawberries, much to the delight of little madam. The peppers are filling out and I’m waiting for them to turn red and juicy. Still waiting for the tomatoes to turn too – although in the last week the number of little fruits on all the bushes has really increased. With warm weather and brassicas comes white butterflies and the caterpillars that come with them. Eating my veggies!

While harvesting today Moo noticed the little pretty white butterflies flitting about. So after some chatting about where they come from we did some art, well. She splashed pompoms and glue about and I tried to do something that resembled the circle of life – butterfly style. We had fun.

One thing I am surprised about this year is that although we have 5 raised beds going, plus a couple of other containers we really aren’t inundated, even with 5 zucchini plants prolifically producing we are coping just fine using everything on a day to day basis. Onions are being used as needed out of the ground, same with carrots and beets. We have enough beans but not to many. I wonder how much we would need to put in to be able to preserve an excess? I’m predicting a bit of a flux in tomatoes once they are all through and freezing a bit, but the rest – we just eat our way through it.

Winter garden wise I have plans for planting some parsnips as soon as I’ve straightened out the autumn carrot bed (job for this week) and I am starting broccoli, kale, kohl rabi, spinach and cauliflower in little paper pots for when the current carrot and paper/tomato beds are over and cleared out. Some ornamental kale will go round the garden boarder as colour for winter too.

February 3, 2014 Food





Untitled 1310017




In my week. Random shots from our life. Mundane normality and each is special in its own way.

Roses from my garden. Supper about to be cooked. Enthusiastic art. New shorts, made by mama – Violet Fields Threads ~ Daphne Knickers. Off Biking with daddy. Insane jumping about just for the joy of it ~ nana knitted top and Sleepy Jeans by Brownie Goose by me, in awesome bonkers fabric from Riley Blake. There is a lot of jumpy singy dancey goodness in our house at the moment. Her little voice lights up the afternoons, while her not so little feet stamp and clump and bounce like a herd of mini elephants charging through the house. Its delightful.

We have had a good week, busy. Full of life of all types. Swimming finished with a bang, unfortunately not a firework style bang, more ballon bursting style. She was over it. To cold, to much pressure to follow instruction. We bailed on the last lesson. Know when to quit huh? She’s done really well, now for a break to let her physical strength and ability catch up with her confidence and enthusiasm.

Ballet still gets mentioned multiple times a day – my response is that wonderfully noncommittal parental phrases ‘we’ll see honey, may be’. Yeah, I’m turning into my mum.

February 1, 2014 Crafting, Food



Ok, so only one crappy photo. Sorry. My bad. Not even a complete Thermomix. Oops.

I call mine Thelma. She’s awesome. For a wide range of things. Some days she’s a glorified blender while other days I use the cooking function for multiple dishes. The steamer part – not so much so far. But hey, there’s time. I use the cooking function for risotto, soups, curry, dahl, and a variety of sauces for pasta and other. The blending function I use for baking, grinding, milling, beating and whipping.

This particular meal was home made soup – made with a little left over curry as the base that I’d done the night before – in Thelma. I added a few fresh garden veggies, 1ltr of home-made stock and some home made 30 min rolls and you have dinner. Typically I didn’t take a photo of the delightful fresh bread or hearty soup. That’s how I roll. Useless. (ignore the strawberries in the pic, Moo ate them within 2 mins of the photo being taken)

A few comments on my over all impressions. I don’t like the sales process. We didn’t buy mine through a demo. Hubby called up and just ordered one straight off. They are not hard to use. It’s not rocket science. The slightly cult type following. Not interested. The actual machine – for us – great.

At the most basic they are a fancy blender, if you don’t use its capacity to cook that is what  you bought, a big fancy, very costly blender. The scales. Yeah, they are ok. Pretty accurate. I’m a kind of free hand cook, theres not a lot of measuring that goes on on this kitchen!

If you use the cooking function its a huge help in the kitchen, particularly when you have busy afternoons or little ones about. It’s not going to turn you into Nigella Lawson. But it will help create great meals from scratch if thats your thing. And it will quietly work away while you do jigsaws or read books with small people before dinner. Mine genuinely makes certain meals for me, I put the ingredients in, blitz, start cooking and I wander off. Water the veggies, play on the trampoline with Moo etc. Is it worth the cost. Yes, I think so, but only if you utilise the cooking function. 

For example on the last couple of days Thelma has made – mango chicken curry, leftover veggie soup, choc cookies, banana bran muffins, green smoothie, and banana pancake mix. Oh and lemonade.

I don’t tend to follow any recipes, thats just me. I like cook books for inspiration but then I strike out alone. Its taken me a while to perfect some dishes. A good example of bolognese – a staple in our house. Made exclusively in Thelma it comes out unpleasantly watery. I make the tomato/veg base in Thelma, fry off the mince and combine to two in the pan. simmer for 5 mins and voila. Perfect bolognese – Like stir in sauce, only homemade.

I will make a big effort to put more of what we make on here. 


What happens elsewhere while I cook.

January 28, 2014 Food







Untitled 1220036P1220066



We are eating well out of the garden at the moment, most of our meals are chock full of veggies we are picking ourselves. I’ve started writing my notes about this years bounty and what I have done ok and what I want to change for next season. Unsurprisingly the list of things I will do differently is huge, but I guess everything is a learning curve. I quite enjoy this process, the note taking, plan drawing, working out my rookie mistakes. Reading up on how to get the best, keep the plants producing for as long as possible.

Carrots – great, be more organised planting. Beets – as carrots, and plant more. Onions – great, same again. Beans – murdered by wind, need more mulch and more shelter. Brassicas – all slow to come through, perhaps too crowded start seedlings under cover. Peppers – doing well, more water needed, Mulch. Tomatoes – more staking, less chaos. Strawberries – good, take more room then the produce they give. Peas – been and gone, did ok. courgettes  – love.

This year my biggest ‘success’ per say is that we eat everything we grow, its all spot on veggie basics and its really helping both our physical beings and our wallets to be able to have fresh veggies on hand out if the garden. And it helps my ego a little. Because I’d be totally lying if I said I didn’t get a slightly smug feeling from picking home grown veg for supper. I think so far courgettes are by far my favourite plant, so much veg, so many uses! Our newest delight is courgette choc muffins, delicious.

The sunflowers are going to be left and the seeds will feed the birds in winter. The tiger in my garden, more cute than scary. Don’t tell her though.

For our autumn/winter beds I’m planning on what beds I’ll use and which I’ll stuff with manure and leave to rest. Winter will be kale, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (left in the ground) kohlrabi and spinach. The carrots are already seeded and starting to come up. Once the beets are out I’ll thin the carrots into orderly lines and tidy the bed. The strawberries are coming out and that will probably be the winter brassica bed, that and the ones by the back door as they are sheltered and easy to care for.

January 23, 2014 Food









Currently it is growing very well! We are harvesting daily now. Courgettes, onions, strawberries, lettuce (oh so much lettuce) the peas have peaked and gone (pulled this week, new ones are slowly coming away) carrots and beets are also through, little paris market round carrots and beautiful striped choiggia beets. Moo loves to pick her own strawberries – coming in with bright red juice dripping down her chin. She eats peas straight, pod and all. Lettuce does not do it for her.

The tomatoes and climbing beans are coming away slowly. My 3 pepper plants are growing slowly, perhaps in need of a little additional food. I have 2 random tomato plants, sprouted from discarded ‘failure’ pots. Additional carrots are sprouting. Nutri-reds and purple dragon, some white cosmic and a few others from a ‘rainbow’ mix. An abandoned potato has sprouted at the end of one bed.

Flowers are blooming too, nasturtiums, calendula, borage are all out. The sunflowers are getting tall. 

It is so lovely in our space at the moment, it feels friendly and welcoming, a safe haven. Leafy and green. Fun.

December 12, 2013 Food

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I get asked a lot what I ‘do’. It ranges from a ‘oh my goodness your a stay at home mum, what on earth do you do all day?’ to ‘so what do you do’ an obvious question to my career. And everything in-between. No to mention the usual ‘so what have you been up to’? when we see friends and aquaintences.

Now my close friends, and anyone who knows me will know that between music, swimming, gymnastics, play school, playdates, chores, quiet time and ‘mama and me’ time I try and fit in crafting, house decorating (ok, that one I ‘try’ to do – the unfinished toilet wall edges will attest to my lack of follow through) as well as sewing and the garden. I’m not intending this post to be defensive, or a justification for being at home, simply a run down for those who really do wonder what we get up to 😉

So today is Friday and this week I have ..

IMG 5744

IMG 5756IMG 5768

Photo 1Photo 3

Photo 4Photo 2

Photo 5IMG 5752






Run twice, made pie, gutted the pantry, sprayed frames, hung new prints in newly sprayed frames, made brownie, wall papered Moo’s birthday dollhouse (ignore the bumps, they flattened out) sewn a dress, cut and fixed in place a old broom handle for a hanging rail in madams wardrobe, felted soap, made (and ate!) cake, re-stuffed ‘sheep’ (1 pillow and 3 sofa cushions) sewn trousers (love those little patches by the hem, just LOVE them), sewn a 3rd birthday pressie (little picnic quilt)

Not to mention music on monday, swimming and groceries on wednesday, 2 playdates, a couple of casual afternoon tea parties and lots and lots of trampolining! 

The garden hasn’t really got a look in apart from some watering!

October 25, 2013 Crafting, Food

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This week has been eventful. I have painted a lot. The house, not art. The garden has got greener and seedlings are sprouting. Then everything nearly blew away. Literally. 100km/ph winds. Many fallen trees. No electricity. A cable fire. Firemen. Branches everywhere. More painting.



Off white ‘Gentle Wind’ – getting rid of the peachy walls


He considers himself quality control – see that peachy colour behind him … Its gone now.



They came, they saw and they conquered. Although it took a while as they had to wait for the power company to turn off the power to the cable was was down and causing the hedge fire! Two trucks closing off the road.



Seedlings still inside to grow bigger and stronger. Heirloom Tomato Copia and Black Adder courgette. Flowers rescued before the storms. More seeds germinating to replace the littlies I planted out that got annihilated by the cats. Grrr.

Elsewhere I have baked cookies -which lasted about 12h – I call that success. Also toddler painting, sunny evenings on th front step and a serious of awesome playdate with buddies. Love my friends.


September 23, 2013 Crafting, Food

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