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Our weekend. Pancakes for breakfast. Slow mornings. Beach time. Dancing. New dress. And daddy spoilt Moo with a little ‘cash register’ to join her kitchen and we created a new play ‘space’.

So madam announces she want to go to the swing, so we duly get her bike out to head down there. She flies down, ‘super speedy go go’ as she calls herself. In her go fast green shoes. We get to the swings and she totally shuns them. Like totally. Its all about the bike and going fast. For 35 mins, up and down the slope (hill is far to generous description for the angle of decent) and then potter along the edging, balancing, ‘being a big girl’. Happy.

Love that she knows her mind. Wish she’d let me take decent pics of her.






Some days (weeks, months) parenting feels hard. Like a clash of the titans. Like we simply don’t see eye to eye. It highlights my weaknesses, my lack of patience. But it also highlights strengths, determination, love, care, compassion and humour.

It is feeling like we are emerging from a hump, a hill climb to surmount the attitude (hers and mine!) and stubbornness. To rebalance respect and communication. And we are getting there. Days don’t feel as long, battles to not escalate. We both take a breath and relax.

It’s like with spring we are all growing, blossoming. It is good.

**And yes that is another Hattie from BrownieGoose. Love this pattern, it seriously sews up so well. And bonus is that madam likes it too. The main body is Ikea fabric (same as her duvet cover ha) and the sleeves and collar are some leftover that I found in my scrap drawer.

November 1, 2013 Crafting

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So I actual went ahead and bought a pattern on Etsy, yup, a real actual professionally drafted pattern. PDF version (I”m not patient enough to wait for post).  Actually I bought 3, but only have enough fabric to make one top at the moment. I’m busy recifying that situation, not enough fabric. Well hello Etsy, meet my credit card. 

The instructions were detailed and complete. And easy to follow – which I need. Seriously. I need easy. I printed out the pages, stuck them together, a bit rough but sellotape and I have a tricky relationship.

It sewed up in a nap time and a bit, may be 3h in total, and I’m a slow non professional. O followed the patter to the letter, I omitted the buttons on the sleeves as I didn’t have any that worked, so instead I did a little placard under the back opening (inspired by the back of the Pepper Dress)

I used a Lincraft winter weight fabric, a navy pincord with trees on it, not thick but not lightweight. So I made a sz 4-5. Its big on her, but not horribly so. By autumn it will be perfect. The next one I will do in a light summer fabric and will do a 2-3 dress length. That should work.

Some pictures. Not many, my model was not cooperating (it was blowing a cold southerly and 8 degrees). She thinks posing means showing me her back .. we’ll work on that! Once its out of the wash (there was gardening done this afternoon, the dress suffered) I’ll take some hung up pics.



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October 28, 2013 Crafting

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I thought I’d do a very quick post in one of our current favorite things to do. And a good thing for christmas pressies.

Wet felting soap is easy and great with kids, its messy but in a clean way, we tend to do it sitting out in the sun or at the sink.

Take a bar of soap, we tend to use goats milk soap we buy locally, or a natural Earthwise one. Bars or rounds, it doesnt matter.

Wrap liberally in wool roving, alternating the direction of the strands – be generous here, the only ones we have done that weren’t great were these that I was stingy with the roving with – they worked but took longer and didnt felt together as firmly.

Have a look at the soap, it should have a nice thick coat of felt round it, densly felted and quite smooth. If you can pull strands of wool off you need to put more hot water on it and rub it some more in your hands or the bubble wrap.

Wash off suds in cold water and leave to dry.

Pretty (and fun)



Once your soaps wrapped up like a parcel dip it in the hottest water your hands can stand (ignore the bubbles in ours, I was forgetting soap was, well, soapy. So I added bubbles as I would for felting stones etc) and start massaging the bar as the foam comes through, keep going. It will be foamy and go a bit loose and wrinkly but keep going. Keep going. And some more. Roll up in bubble wrap if you fancy and roll that in your hands, or on the draining board. Or like Moo did, use it to wash your legs.



Have a look at the soap, it should have a nice thick coat of felt round it, densly felted and quite smooth. If you can pull strands of wool off you need to put more hot water on it and rub it some more in your hands or the bubble wrap.

Wash off suds in cold water and leave to dry.


*her hands in the water .. that’s the cold water stage.

Not my best efforts but Moo enjoyed herself – well, she did for about 10 mins before hitting a proverbial ‘wall’ and heading to bed for a little nap.

October 26, 2013 Crafting

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I get asked a lot what I ‘do’. It ranges from a ‘oh my goodness your a stay at home mum, what on earth do you do all day?’ to ‘so what do you do’ an obvious question to my career. And everything in-between. No to mention the usual ‘so what have you been up to’? when we see friends and aquaintences.

Now my close friends, and anyone who knows me will know that between music, swimming, gymnastics, play school, playdates, chores, quiet time and ‘mama and me’ time I try and fit in crafting, house decorating (ok, that one I ‘try’ to do – the unfinished toilet wall edges will attest to my lack of follow through) as well as sewing and the garden. I’m not intending this post to be defensive, or a justification for being at home, simply a run down for those who really do wonder what we get up to 😉

So today is Friday and this week I have ..

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Run twice, made pie, gutted the pantry, sprayed frames, hung new prints in newly sprayed frames, made brownie, wall papered Moo’s birthday dollhouse (ignore the bumps, they flattened out) sewn a dress, cut and fixed in place a old broom handle for a hanging rail in madams wardrobe, felted soap, made (and ate!) cake, re-stuffed ‘sheep’ (1 pillow and 3 sofa cushions) sewn trousers (love those little patches by the hem, just LOVE them), sewn a 3rd birthday pressie (little picnic quilt)

Not to mention music on monday, swimming and groceries on wednesday, 2 playdates, a couple of casual afternoon tea parties and lots and lots of trampolining! 

The garden hasn’t really got a look in apart from some watering!

October 25, 2013 Crafting, Food

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This week has been eventful. I have painted a lot. The house, not art. The garden has got greener and seedlings are sprouting. Then everything nearly blew away. Literally. 100km/ph winds. Many fallen trees. No electricity. A cable fire. Firemen. Branches everywhere. More painting.



Off white ‘Gentle Wind’ – getting rid of the peachy walls


He considers himself quality control – see that peachy colour behind him … Its gone now.



They came, they saw and they conquered. Although it took a while as they had to wait for the power company to turn off the power to the cable was was down and causing the hedge fire! Two trucks closing off the road.



Seedlings still inside to grow bigger and stronger. Heirloom Tomato Copia and Black Adder courgette. Flowers rescued before the storms. More seeds germinating to replace the littlies I planted out that got annihilated by the cats. Grrr.

Elsewhere I have baked cookies -which lasted about 12h – I call that success. Also toddler painting, sunny evenings on th front step and a serious of awesome playdate with buddies. Love my friends.


September 23, 2013 Crafting, Food

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I wrote a while ago about my craft space which we have slowly been making homely and fun, finally its presentable enough to photograph!






Its still work in progress but its a lovely space now. We have always used it as a ‘sleep out’ – a iconic kiwi spare room thats not attached to the house. It’s n\known in our house as ‘Nana Sues’ room. But since there is about 10 months of the year it was sitting unused we decided to give it a shake up. Its a glorious room which heats up like a greenhouse in the day so even when its cold out you can open the sliders and it’ll be lovely inside, as long as its had sun on it. At night we have a heater in there.

The quilt top on the bed is work in progress and the bits on the walls are a collection of crafts we have done and photos we don’t need in the house but are still really special. 

Moo has an art table in there too and today I moved her key board in there too – she spent a good 20 min playing me ‘music’ while I sewed up a pair of short for her. Lovely. 

August 29, 2013 Crafting

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This weekend it rained, and rained, and rained, and just for fun, it rained some more, right into Monday too.

Saturday we went into the city to get our new glasses, run errands and pop to the market. By the afternoon the rain has started so after a abortive attempt to get a coffee (all the cafes in our township close early) we went to the local wine bar (toddler in tow) and ordered coffee and a fluffy. Hilarious but surprisingly decent drinks!

Madam doesn’t do at all well with staying in for extended periods of time. I envy people who can just hang out at home with their kids, we can’t, at least, not in winter. May be its to do with our little home, which although perfectly formed really is ‘little’ (85 sqM) or perhaps with all the living out and about because of earthquake repairs etc Moo is just used to being out and about, Im not sure.
I have a plan (haha I have lots, but hopefully this one will come to fruition) to turn our front sleepout into a craft and play room, a space outside our own space. Somewhere to head out to and play, create and invent. It has solely been used as a ‘spare room’ and store room but its a lovely little space with great light that I think could really provide a whole new environment for us to retreat to, and in summer will be a lovely place to get out of the really fierce sun. We are changing out the double bed for a single to create more space, have put a desk in and I’m working on a few other bits in there too. It will be great to have somewhere I can leave the sewing machine out, and Moo will have room for her teepee, a kitchen and permanent craft space.

Sunday was torrential (sorry, more weather talk) so we headed into the city again – but to a different side and took Moose to the Airforce museum. It might seem a odd choice for a 2.5yr old girl, but was actually rather inspired as a choice. Lots of room, big interesting looking planes and the launch of Googles ‘Loon for All’ project. Hubby was the mastermind behind it and he was spot on.

I had never heard of the Loon for All, but its an amazing concept, atmospheric balloons which provide internet over specific areas.

Loon for All

Everyone there was lovely, it was busy but not crazy and Moo had a wonderful time running about charming everyone. After the earthquakes we have had here its a project that I really do think is exciting and inspirational. The fear and panic after the smaller but more damaging Feb 22nd quake in Christchurch were made worse by infrastructure issues and projects like this could have really helped. Not to mention the uses around the world, in war zones, crisis and developing countries.


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I also made Moo a duvet cover to go with her new ‘big girl bed’ that arrived this week. I got some beautiful Ikea fabric and cut out the floral mid section on one of our old covers and replaced it with the new fabric. To cover up my awful seaming (I didn’t leave enough allowance for the selvage so the writing showed) I stitched ribbon down the seams. It’s pretty rough but Im rather proud of how it looks!
Ikea is one shop I really do miss. NZ seriously need to get that sorted!

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We had another rain spattered weekend. Autumn is definitely here – the woodburner is on and we are back to the rhythms of welly boots, hats and woodchopping. Although I do miss the warmer weather I think there is something incredibly comforting in the season and the different patter that the darer evenings and mornings bring, a calming and settling effect, pj mornings with hot coco, snuggly dressing gowns and frosty grass (yup we’ve had frost already!)

Saturday was fine and we walked into town for a mama and daughter brunch and some leaf stamping. Hubby had been away Friday and Saturday so Sunday was a quiet day. We had a lovely morning tea with friends and watched the girls run riot and burn off steam. The afternoon was wet so much indoor time, dancing, cooking and staving off toddler boredoms.

Moose coped really well with daddy away, but was very very pleased to see him when he got in – a late night cuddle meant a good nights sleep, and no 5am ‘mama I need a snuggle’.



Photo 01Photo 1

I cooked up a kohlrabi and kale chicken filling and made a pie (no pics of the pie – I totally forgot!), made cornflake crunchies planned some of next weeks meals.

In a fit of creativity I also broke up and melted down Mooses broken crayons and made ‘homemade’ multi coloured crayons, for a first time I’m rather pleased, now I need to work out how to get hold of crayon odds and ends!



We spend far to much time here!! It such a great cosy little place, all the staff know us, make Moose little mini hot chocs with huge fluffy toppings and no one complains when we sit and natter for ages as our drinks go cold and people mill around us, ordering, drinking and eating, leaving, almost as if we are in slow motion in the centre of it.

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May 6, 2013 Crafting, Food

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I have been putting off revising and jump starting the blog until the general look and feel is finished, but I’ve decided Easter is the perfect place to start anew and I need to get my butt in gear and JUST START BLOGGING.

So Easter, umm yeah, its sort of a non-festival for me here. Growing up it was  synonymous with lambs, daffodils, blossom and bud, snow melting, grass growing and mud. Where as now its crispy leaves, bonfire smoke and chills in the air and in my very humble opinion not very Eastery things! Seriously as far as I’m concerned it should be getting close to halloween and guy fawkes.

Its a little part of emigration that bites you every so often, little reminders that your old life, old home is far far away. Mostly its a good bite, a little kick ass ‘woohoo we did it, we are forging a life in a whole new world’, but sometimes it just clashes, glaringly, old with new.

Moving on from my whining, we actually had a great Easter. I made moose some felted easter eggs (great fun and SO easy) and put little mini eggs and treats in them, as well as a pair of Easter trousers and a bunny. She followed a little trail with giggles and smiles and collected her goodies, she was delighted with her bunny and proudly announced ‘mummy made me a bunny, love bunny’. Cutest thing ever!

Easter can work – I’ve just got to make an effort, and her little face was totally worth it.

]Searching for her little felted eggs 

Happy Easter  

'Its up there mummy' 

Mama made Easter bunny 



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