When Lisa from Big Little asked for testers for an adorable caplet I just had to put my hand up and say yes. Actually it went more like .. “yes .. yes, me …. pick me, pick me” with much virtual handwaving, like an over enthusiastic primary schooler.


Since I didn’t have all the required extras (pompom trim and a front toggle) I went a little freestyle with it. The fabrics are both op-shop finds. The green was handprinted by someone, possibly as a textiles project I think. The lining is the same fabric as the dress she’s got on.


Untitled 010113PA010170

Untitled 010144

It was a great little cape to sew up, fast and easy and came together beautifully. As always Lisa included step by step instructions and plenty of pictures to help guide you along. It took an evening to make, so it’s a perfect pattern for your stash for costumes and quick makes.

I have plans to make a modified summery version as well with a button under each arm to help it stay in place during very active play or windy days and use a nice light linen as something easy to thrown on to keep the sun off.

It’s a great pattern, check out Lisa’s Etsy shop Big Little and grab it. Just think how adorable it would look in red wool for christmas!

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Modified Lazy Susan by Brownie Goose (haha again, yes I know I make this pattern obsessively, but damn is so versatile) – I wanted a faux cap sleeve so I altered the pattern over the shoulder a little. Love how it came out. I think there will be more of these in my future. The skirt is just tiered – bottom strip is selvedge width, top is a little under – with what were originally indeed to become cushion covers, but it looked good with the bodice. Leggings are from Cotton On.

IMG 9191

Quilt top, 10×10 charm squares, well, mostly. Some are 10×9 as my cutting was dodgy. Lots of favourite fabrics, so its a hodge podge. I decided it wasn’t big enough so added a parallelogram across the middle. Wee Wonder fabric. It pained me to cut into it but I’m glad I did. I quilted with a old wool blanket and a floral flannel sheet for the backing. I’m hoping it will make a nice quilt top for her bed to see her through the next few years.


I still need to trim it up and bind it (and make the binding first) but the quilting part is done. Ok, admittedly not all that well, the lines are wonky and random but it’ll do. Its going to be a birthday gift I think, to go on her bed as its almost single quilt size. For her birthday it’ll be this and new curtains as her main presses. 

I was inspired by Sally at Wonky Patchwork and all the beautiful things she is churning out in the run up to the festive season. Seriously if you don’t read her blog already then go and check it out. Its great. She has the best ‘can do’ and ‘get up and go’ attitude and its contagious.

Also, bothering to put the walking foot on before quilting, and using a possibly unhealthy amount of spray glue – totally awesome.

October 21, 2014 Crafting

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We have been doing lots of crafty bits this holiday. There has been a real change in madam being able to actively participate in making things, rather than watching and occasionally helping me. The letters we bought from the DIY store, just card letters, I cut up coloured tissue and left her to it with some white glue. Of course there had to be glitter added. After that I just sealed them up with a coat of modpodge (to stop the glitter shedding over everything) They now have pride of place above her bed – I hung them as a surprise while she was at preschool, and she was delighted when she saw them. The cutest “go my goodness, I made those!”.

She also chose some fabrics from my stash to put in the hoops, just to add a touch to her room that she really selected and chose. And one that we can change and alter as she wishes. The birds on the lantern wire she found in a sale bin. The lanterns she’s had for ages, they act as her night lights. I sort of wish I’d chosen white ones and she could have stuck coloured tissue on herself, but we can always do that another year.


We also had a tidy and ‘spring clean’ in the main room. Swopping sofas around has given her a much larger area to play/read – yes thats a cat in her chair. Ask the cat and she’ll tell you its her chair not madams. We use the back wall to hand the bits she’s proud of or wants to display – the fridge can only hold so much art!


My fabric mail arrived in the week, its been washed and folded ready for me to stare at it, to afraid to cut use it. I think some of the Heather Ross and Wee Wonder stuff I’ll keep until I have a really specific project in mind. The pink with gold birds will be her christmas dress. And apparently she wants the owls as trousers! Its arrival made me have a tidy in my craft room ….. Which led to me planning a new quilt and ……

a GIVEAWAY – wow so exciting, never done one before.


This is a pile of off cuts, pieces of fabric that I cannot use in my newest quilt. Some pieces are little scraps – the sort that are perfect for craft or log cabin style quilting. Some are bigger than fat quarter size. There’s batiks, Heather Ross, Michael Miller, Art Gallery, Sarah Jane and others. Its all quilting cotton. I cannot stand it to go to waste but its sat being unloved in my (messy but getting tidier) craft room.

So on friday next week I’ll put all the names of all commenters who fancy it in a hat and get madam to pull one out. 

October 9, 2014 Crafting


Little notes from our days



Photo 1

Some crafting, a top and shorts have made there way through the cut and sew process. The top is a Brownie Goose mash up, I altered the shoulder/sleeves a little. And the shorts are the Little Big Pixie Shorts pattern that I tested. Love them as they come together so easily.

We have been planting seeds inside and out. Kohl rabi in the trays and sweet peas to climb the trellis. And reading in quiet moments. Love my kindle. Ok, nothing beats a real book, but at the rate I read we would need a second mortgage just for books. And my patience doesn’t stretch to the library ordering in the ‘next’ book in whatever series I’m devouring.

Madam has really been into her writing and drawing this holiday, the drawing above she did totally by herself – I was in the shower. I came out and she proudly showed me her picture of daddy and his ‘name’ – she was upset that she ran out of room for the final ‘dy’ of Daddy.

We hit the theatre today. Such fun. A trip in with her buddies and a fantastic production of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. A modern edition with a rapping Goldi and the worlds funniest Humptydumpty.

I’m also trying to get back on the exercise wagon. I fell off it over a month ago. And when I say fell off, I mean jumped wildly away from it and ran in the other direction. Oh the pain. And the good intentions.

Tomorrow I promise a pictorial post of more interesting bits and bobs. Fabric mail, pony pics, shorts being worn and some other crafty projects that we’ve got on the go.

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I finished Madams ‘Cushy Cardi’. It only took me a couple of evenings of pretty full on crocheting. It was simple, easy to follow and I really like how it looks. Don’t look to close as there are a host of mishaps and wonky bits, and some spur of the moment improv – since I seem incapable of just following a pattern in a straightforward manner.
Its a great pattern and free as well. It goes up to a 3 but I found that a loose crochet stitch, and a few extra increases have made a pretty generous sz4. Its not overly long but that’s a matter of not getting bored (like me) and adding a few more rows.

The yarn is a cheap acrylic from the Warehouse that I bought on sale. I got a 600g ball for 10 bucks. Perfect for an experiment. This one will be her summer card for preschool. Easy to wear and easy to wash! I plan to make a few more of these! I have already started the foundation chain to do a little one for a friend who’s expecting any day now.

I had hoped for a nice photo opportunity with madam in it, but she decided modelling was not on her day planner for today. This was a close as I got to a worn pic

Photo 2

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Untitled 9180022

 I was incredibly excited when Lisa from Big Little asked for pattern testers recently. I have a few of her patterns already and love them. I was even more delighted when I discovered the pattern I would be testing was for the Pixie Pants and shorts.

The pattern that Lisa has created is great. Pretty much all my patterns are PDF’s and the quality of instruction and pattern differs greatly between creators. Lisa’s is right up there with the best I have. Her instructions were concise and accurate and very easy to follow. The pattern pieces went together well and didn’t use half a forest to print out – one of my pet hates is patterns that use masses of paper through printing, only to have to cut 2/3 of it away once the patterns taped up.

They are possibly one of the nicest, most stylish pants/shorts patterns I’ve come across and also beg to be customised – belt loops, contrasting trim, a touch of lace. So many options! The peices go together nicely and the finished pants and shorts look really smart.

I made these pants in both a thicker winter weight wool and in lighter quilting weight cotton for spring and cooler summer days. By the time I made a 3rd pair I was down to a 90 minute make time, and that’s including those all important stops to grab a cookie or cuppa. So not only a great pattern but also fast!




Untitled 00378DSC00373

Great news! Lisa is offering 15% of the Pixie Pants Pattern here and the Pixie Shorts pattern here for the duration of the tour. All you need is the coupon code PIXIEPANTS15, valid until Tuesday 23 September.

Be sure to check back in on the Big Little blog on Tuesday for a giveaway too!

Mon 15 Lisa @ Big Little
Tues 16 Leanne @ Paper Moon
Wed 17 Jenny @ Mend & Make New
Thurs 18 Leonie @ Sunshine x 3
Fri 19 Aimee @ Small Steps Big Noises
Mon 22 Orsolya @ Borsoo
Tues 23 Viki – posted by Big Little and a GIVEAWAY!

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The dress pattern in this tutorial is the wonderful Hattie from BrownieGoose. The collar is from the VFT Josephine. But you could use this one or this one. Or you can draft you own. I hope those links work. In some ways drafting your owns probably easiest. Just remember to leave the back opening where the dress buttons up.

Firstly cut your Hattie (or dress) and sew up the shoulder seams, if its a Hattie do the front pleat as well.

Cut out your collar (4 pieces – mirrored pairs). Your inner curve should match the neckline of the dress you are making and be the same length as well as same curve – allowing for seams. The VFT Collar fits the Hattie pretty perfectly, for a Lazy Susan I draft my own so the collar fits nicely against the boat shape neckline and right to the back opening.


I like to pop a little interfacing on one side of the collar fabric, its optional not necessary. I leave a gap without interfacing for the seam allowance as it makes it tidier and easier to turn (on this one I should have left a bigger allowance!)


Sew each collar piece right sides together leaving the ‘top’ or side that will be joining the neckline open. clip your seams. 



Turn and iron really really well. Now you have your collar.


Make sure you’ve done the back seaming and folding before you attach the collar. – I topstitched this down after taking the pic. I’ve not yet attached the sleeves (for the sake or speed – I was juggling work and a kid while making this tutorial)


Lay the collar onto the dress (right sides out) and line it up before pinning it on – ignore my reversed pleat – I was experimenting.


Sew it in place using a scant 1/8 seam allowance – see it looks pretty already! 


The back should line up with the folded over back seam – that’s where measuring your neckline length before making your collar came in at the beginning.


Right, now to tidy it up and leave no nasty seams showing. Clip off all the threads. Make/buy/steal/beg a little matching or contrasting bias tape – you only need the length of the neckline.

Open your bias tape right out and sew it onto the top of the collar – along the 1/4 fold line, with the right sides together (bare with me – this will (might) make sense in a minute). At the ends leave a 1/2 inch over hang.


Still with me? Now if you fold that bias over towards the inside of the dress you’ll find it will encase that nasty seam where we joined the collar to the neckline. I recommend playing about with this before sewing it so you get the idea in your head. It seems counter-intuitive until you’ve done it a couple of times. Once folded over your bias will be back to 1/4 inch wide and be encasing that raw seam. At the ends fold the 1/2 inch overhang back under its self to give a nice neat finished edge. 



So now we sew it down, right on the edge of that 1/4inch tape. Make sure you ease the dress as you sew so you don’t get any tucks or catches in it. From the outside this seam will be hidden by the collar. 


Ok, nearly there, this is so much easier to do than explain! see how that bias is sewn down and you can’t see any raw edges?



Grab your iron and press the collar so that the fold starts at the point the bias joins the collar – this will give a almost invisible seam and make it look tidy. In the pic below Ive orined a little to far into the bias so you can see where it will be. The bias should lie flat inside the neckline. 


Ok, thats it. Clear as mud? Have a go, its not that hard I promise.

August 7, 2014 Crafting


This is our little entry into The Magic onions Fairy Garden contest. Its the first time we’ve ever trie to build a fairy garden.

Its a little left-field due to it being winter here and all. I had hoped for some snowy garden pics but that wasn’t to be, so we for heavy frost ones instead. Its a real little garden, in the pot that our lemon tree grows in. Its just with -5 nights there not a lot flowering or growing!

The lemon on the tree is there for the fairies to take sips from, to go with their hot toddies and roasted chestnuts. The stones and furniture little miss helped make, especially the sparkly stones. We made the fairies a mid winter christmas tree and pompom bunting.

There is a little ladder that was left against the tree after the autumn lemon harvest and our little peg lady greets all fairy and elves warmly as the sun rises and they emerge form their overnight nest and burrows. In summer a little fairy steam trickles along the pale stones, keeping the tree watered and the fairies cool, but in winter its frozen up and shiney. 

There is a camp fire, wood stacked up by the cottage for burning and icicles hanging from the gables. The acorn bowls hold warming stew when the fairies are eating, cooked with flatbread over the camp fire. Little miss has also suggested they roast marshmallows for pudding and drink hot cocoa.









August 4, 2014 Crafting




Cheese straws for snacking

While finishing (or nearly finishing, not quite ready to properly photograph and enter in Magic Onions 2014 collection)

P7180024Untitled 7180021


I’m really hoping to complete a few more bits and get a lovely dawn light with a crispy frost, but you know, that might not actually happen, I may end up submitting variations of these. Or similar. Or it might snow and then I’ll get epic awesome snow pics, or not.

Speaking of snow it went for it today for an hour or so, but then cleared up and melted off. SO disappointed. Moo was too. She sat by the windows watching the flakes exclaiming every few minutes “mama its snow, real snow …. winter is here at last …. its been a long long time coming”. We are into town tomorrow to meet some lovely friends but hopefully on sunday we’ll be able to head to the hills and find some for her to play in.

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Today I took my camera walking and decided to have a play at manual. Real proper manual. M mode. Manual focus. So the majority of pictures were dunces, a hilarious collection  of photographic misfires. I did learn a fair bit about my camera. Ha and my own ability or lack thereof. I’m not sure I’ll shoot on M all the time, particularly when chasing a fast moving little person. But I certainly like the better depth and feel of some of the pictures, which I definitely wasn’t getting simply on auto.

It was bitterly cold, bright and sunny. A wonderful refreshing winter walk. 

And as a side note, no I wont be offended by anyones who’s privately thinking, my god those pictures are awful, for god sakes woman just keep it on auto and accept your not a photographer!

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