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We have been cruising through the last few weeks with a variety of activities thay earmark the ending of the year.
Spring has settle in with amazing evening light and lovely longer warmer days.

The kids Dance Academy does a huge show over a couple of weekends that is always a hectic but rewarding time. Even if it does leave me coming home needing a stiff drink and 20 hours of sleep

We also added to our family with a spring spaniel puppy. A slightly off the cuff decision but miraculously we have ended up with a really cool wee dude whos fitted in rather well.

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  1. mirari says:

    little puppy’s so lovely!
    did you make her dresses??? wendie would love to dance like this but here it’s all more about simple things or terrible dresses of animals and those stuff, nothing glamourous like nim!

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November 12, 2018 Homelife