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We have been ill this last week so pictures are scarce. Credit for this to hubby – along with major kudos for taking smallest for the coolest daddy/daughter day out – and giving mama time to rest, read and tidy.

Thank you


  1. Carie says:

    Well it looks like an incredible day out but mostly I’m loving the sound of a day to yourself!!

  2. Kim says:

    Stunning shot! Hope you are feeling better. Never fun when mama is sick. Hugs.

  3. mirari says:

    i hope you’re getting well soon! looks like a great day dad/nim, the sea’s so special in winter time…

  4. Lisa Coffee says:

    Sorry you’ve not been well Aimee. Hoping this week starts gently for you. xo

  5. sally says:

    Love all the muted colours in this one. And hope you’re feeling much better now, rest and read sound perfect, and hopefully not too much of the tidying!

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