A lovely trip to town a couple of weeks ago to explore the Monarch Butterfly house in the community area and the new Library.

Making homemade granola. To get the rations I want – because let’s be honest everyone is different, I put everything I am using into the jar its going to be stored in. I make small batches so it stays fresh and crispy. In this one I did sunflower and pumpkin seeds, whole oats, coconut thread, almonds and cashews. I like mine weighted towards more coconut, seeds and nuts with not to many oats. coated in an oil, maple syrup and rock salt mix then baked in a low oven until golden

A wee trip up to our now favourite river spot, a way to decompress and relax as the term gets going and the initial tiredness sets on. Also grabbing into summer with both hands and wringing the life out of it for as long as we can. While simultaneously complaining about the heat and the hot nights and broken sleep.

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