Watching – The Handmaids Tale. It’s brilliant and horrifying at the same time and in equal measure. It astonishes me that the book was written in the 80’s and yet resonates so hard today. As a contrast to that I like catching up on Code Black for my fun medical drama fix.

Eating – more homemade and less takeaway. Trying to get back into good habits despite how busy our days are and how appealing take out is. Warming dishes like risotto, frittatas and the ubiquitous winter pasta dishes. We have cut out red meat almost entirely (we eat a little bacon and ham) and chicken only once a week. For my own health trying to reduce my dependency on carbs.

Listening – the kid is back into her audiobooks big time. She loves anything Enid Blyton (the Adventure series and the Secret series). I just hit up spotify for anything cheerful and mellow.

Making – sewing for the kid, top and leggings mainly. A quilt in planning potentially. Trying not to stock pile fabric to much (might be failing on that one). Loving that the kid wears what I make and appreciates it still.

Happy – the kid is thriving in her new school, its only 2 weeks until the holidays and a chance to rest and spend more time getting outdoors and enjoying slow days. Winter had arrived and the cold grey damp seems to have departed leaving cold but sunny days behind. Not long till the ski season kicks off for us.

Trying – to take more photos, I’ve been in a bit go a slump recently and want to shake it. Thinking I want to set aside some time for myself each morning, to start the day positively – may be with this Yoga programme

Reading – I finished Ice by Ulla- Lena Lundberg which was very well written but left me feeling weirdly unfulfilled by the ending. Currently reading Ill Will by Dan Chaon. So far so good but I’m only a few chapters in.




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  1. we’ve found a farm next to our village that has open air pigs, this saturday’s our first time (there was a queue to buy meat!!!). i don’t eat it but i like my family to eat clean… no chicken here… they it chicken drums from time to time, like once-twice per year, it’s like a party day 🙂 and never beef. i mean, they just eat pork and, sometimes lamb (my man loves merguez, a turkish sausage very popular here).
    why do you have to quit carbs? my new main ingredient’s millet, i use it for sauces, brownies, salads, well, everything!
    i’ll start handmaiden’s tale in autumn, now i watch tv very fairly… but i think we’ll have tv channels soon, our telephone+internet company’s getting too expensive for a very low internet.

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