A sunny weekend day and we took the opportunity to explore the blooming woods, mine and local historic water wheel. The mines near the wheel are really interesting, you can walk a few hundred metres into the upper level of one and even in that short distance makes it abundantly clear what a horrible working environment it must have been to work in. The kid was not impressed by it!
We climbed to the top of the wheel and then wandered along the valley. Primroses, bluebells and snowdrops were abundant as well as slowly unfurling fern heads and plenty of dandelions. Blue skies and a bit of sunshine and then a lovely lunch at a local cafe. The Easter holiday flew by. Lots of relaxing and time with family. Far to much chocolate.

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  1. such a beautiful place!
    there’s been such a choco overdose here that wendie has a tooth decay… i think my mother in law did it just to fuck me because i’m always like “not too much sugar for wen”, she thinks i’m kind of a dictator, ggggggr. well now here’s the result.

    1. Oh no thats so annoying. We have been lucky with N so far – she has teeth from my side of the family (strong!) and not from her dad. We have had to limit citrus and dried fruit a little though.

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