We had such a lovely walk earlier this week, it was bright and sunny and the woods felt really alive again. The kid collected pinecones to paint and random leves and twigs. I think she has idea of making ‘tea’ with them. To be honest I’d zoned out a little as she told me her plans. I was listening to the birds!

The trousers are a slight mod of the Big Little Tree Climbing pants. Made full length, double side pockets and peiced fabric as I didnt have enough chambrey to do the full length. Although this pattern is advertised as a pantaloon style I really rate them as a quick easy sew harem pant. The fit is roomy and comfy which the kid adores and they are just so easy to whip up. Keep an eye on Big Little over the next few weeks as I’ve heard there are some exciting things coming really soon! I tend to follow most of my favourite designers on FB. Its just so convenient.

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