The making has been in short supply recently. Well, more accurately the blogging about the making. Actually I’ve churned out a few harem pants and a couple of dresses. I have just epically failed to photograph them!
The kid has shown a renewed interest in skirts recently and to celebrate (possibly prematurely) I decided that was ample excuse to get sewing.




The black and the blue are a mod of the VFT Lottie skirt pattern – I changed up the waistband and added inseam pockets. The white is a VFT Gemma skirt, also with added inseam pockets and a lining. Predictably the white is her favourite as it ‘twirls’ so well. Although colour wise her preference is the black.

In the words of the kid .. “if only you had made the white one in the black fabric mumma, then it would have been perfect
Yes, thanks kiddo.

Styling on the pics done by the kid – don’t ask me why today she felt the need to give Roald Dahl the publicity 😉

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