Thirty Eight of Fifty two


When your not sure you are brave enough to do something.

But then you are


This was no small zip line, the top of the platform was about 15ft above the ground! I didnt like even standing up there haha

(worlds least flattering pic of me ever. Probably a sign I need to look in the mirror after dressing but before leaving the house. And to loose 10kg … life goals)

Gym Fun








Her first gym competition this weekend. A gym fun class and she did great. She barely showed any nerves and did a great job on almost all the apparatus. Weirdly her usualy strong bar didnt go so great and her usualy weak vault went well. She can’t wait to do it again.

After a full on couple of weeks with ballet practices, jazz and other gym performances, shes now shes snuggled up nursing a mild cough and looking forward to the school holidays and a bit of a break.

Spring walk and some new trousers










We had such a lovely walk earlier this week, it was bright and sunny and the woods felt really alive again. The kid collected pinecones to paint and random leves and twigs. I think she has idea of making ‘tea’ with them. To be honest I’d zoned out a little as she told me her plans. I was listening to the birds!

The trousers are a slight mod of the Big Little Tree Climbing pants. Made full length, double side pockets and peiced fabric as I didnt have enough chambrey to do the full length. Although this pattern is advertised as a pantaloon style I really rate them as a quick easy sew harem pant. The fit is roomy and comfy which the kid adores and they are just so easy to whip up. Keep an eye on Big Little over the next few weeks as I’ve heard there are some exciting things coming really soon! I tend to follow most of my favourite designers on FB. Its just so convenient.

A Little Winter


A late flurry of snow, snowman building. It was a strange day, weather wise. It snowed, hailed, blew gale force sleet sideways, and in between there were moments of delightful sunshine.

Madam was loving her new Therm jacket that arrived that morning (great timing!) Although I try to make a huge portion of madams clothes I have to admit some things are beyond my skills. Waterproof outwear falls into that category. Because we spend so much time outside its important to find jackets and pants that will stand up to the weather and more importantly multiple use and hard wear. If it comes from a NZ company like Therm that’s even more awesome.

This jacket is fabulous. The kids favourite things about it are the sparkly zip pull and the fact that when it gets wet a pretty pattern appears on the outer fabric. Pretty cool even if I do say so. I love that it is lined with soft fleece and there weren’t any complaints of being cold despite a long stint snowman building and snow angel making. It’s got a nice long back, reflective strips and the thumb hole cuffs that fit so comfortably into gloves and mittens.

By the afternoon it was time to relaxing on a beanbag and watch something on netflix!


The making has been in short supply recently. Well, more accurately the blogging about the making. Actually I’ve churned out a few harem pants and a couple of dresses. I have just epically failed to photograph them!
The kid has shown a renewed interest in skirts recently and to celebrate (possibly prematurely) I decided that was ample excuse to get sewing.




The black and the blue are a mod of the VFT Lottie skirt pattern – I changed up the waistband and added inseam pockets. The white is a VFT Gemma skirt, also with added inseam pockets and a lining. Predictably the white is her favourite as it ‘twirls’ so well. Although colour wise her preference is the black.

In the words of the kid .. “if only you had made the white one in the black fabric mumma, then it would have been perfect
Yes, thanks kiddo.

Styling on the pics done by the kid – don’t ask me why today she felt the need to give Roald Dahl the publicity 😉

Thirty Five of Fifty two

Spring is here and we are wearing shorts and skirts a plenty. I’m not entirely sure the sun hat was necessary but who’s going to argue with sun safety?!