Relaxing by the river

We have used the holidays for some time out visiting places where we can just hang out and let time pass by. No rushing or time frames. Just hanging out.

The Best of our Trip – Places and Scenery edition

Alaska part two. These are some of the views and places that we will always remember and want to see and visit again.

The Marjorie Glacier. Sorry for the picture overload. It was amazing. Huge. It was almost impossible to photograph it with a sense of scale. There were sea lions lounging on icebergs at the base and they looked like little dots. Actually the entirety of Glacier Bay Nation Park was wonderful.

The train ride in Skagway was so interesting. It follows the old gold trial route and rises up above the snow line. Twisting and winding along the narrow track, clinging to the mountainside. Through unlit tunnels and beside old rickety bridges.

Flying out above the archipelago at Ketchikan and landing in the fjords. Flying beside the soaring cliffs and hill top lakes. Finding timber wolf tracks on the beach and marvelling at the tidal range.

Canopy walks in BC and hiking through the forest. Water park play and the city at sunset, eating sushi watching the cruise ships get ready to depart. There were many things we didn’t photograph, particularly towards the end of the trip. Much of Vancouver which we loved, but just wanted to savour ourselves not through a lens. Gelato, sparkly shoes. Green parks and the train rides.

That view – on top of the ship, found by going through the door to nowhere.

The Best of Our Trip – Wildlife edition

So … this is very late. But at least its here haha. These are the wildlife highlights from the trip. Taken on different days in different locations.

Sitka Deer seen with the Black Bear on a coastal expedition from Ketchikan. We had a 3h trip around the inlets and small islands. The bear is a youngster and was photographed on a small island that is apparently used a lot by the younger bears to keep out of the way of the bigger, older more aggressive males. The black and white Bald Eagle was taken on the same trip and we had a great encounter with harbour porpoises while motoring back to the dock (video on my instagram)

The Orca and Humpback Whale pics were all taken on a trip out of Auke Bay outside Juneau. We were incredibly fortunate to see the transient pod of Orca as they are not sighted that often in that area. We saw about four humpbacks and while motoring homeward spotted the sea lions hanging out on the marker. The bald eagle coming to land on top was a bonus. While photographing the eagle we spotted the breeching humpback. It was a 2016 baby playing with his mum. Best. Mothers. Day. Ever.

With the exception of the grizzly bear (who lives in a forested bear habitat – with a friend, both were rescued as abandoned cubs – outside Vancouver) all these are wild animals photographed in their natural habitats. The grizzly bears are within an area but are left to forage naturally for about 70% of their diet etc. It is only at certain times they provide additional meat/fish.

Things we didn’t get pics of included harbour porpoises, harbour seals, and mountain goats. Also many types of birds we didn’t have a clue about.

Please excuse the variety in editing on these. They are all hubby’s images and he has play around with them as he enjoys. All credit for capturing these amazing creatures goes to him.

The Best Vest

As the kid has got older the amount of stuff I sew for her has ebbed and flowed and changed. She no longer desires twirly dresses and blouses.

One item I have been making for her religiously since she was little is outwear. Warm outdoor wear that lasts through the seasons and allows her to play freely while keeping her core warm as toast.

I bought the original Big Little Pixie Vest years ago now and have made a number of them as she has grown. It’s a go to pattern for me, always an easy to follow, straightforward pattern that fitted nicely.

There is a new pattern from Big Little – The Pathfinder Vest is something just fabulous. I wasn’t a tester on this. Just a happy seamstress!
The pathfinder vest has many brilliant options, the pieces have been re-drafted and the fit is fabulous. I really do love the longer length option and also the dropped back you can add on.

For this one I did a pixie hood as the kid is fond of them. But there are options for a rounded hood, collar or v-necked waistcoat look. I also added the optional button panel that comes with the pattern on the front so it does up with a full overlap to prevent draughts round her tummy.

It sews up in the same way as the Pixie vest and only took me an easy morning sewing between homeschool and cups of tea and bites of cake. This one is upcycled blanket and some ikea cotton for the lining. It fits beautifully – it’s not baggy and doesn’t gape at all – but you can get a jumper under it no trouble at all to keep the kid super snuggly.

Even more exciting is that when re-drafting the vest has been made to fit the Wild Thing coat hood. So if you have that pattern you can create all 14 animals in vest form!!
Check out the pattern at Big Little. It’s on sale at the moment.
And as a bonus extra for subscribing to the Big Little newsletter there is an additional crossover front option – the Crossroad Vest. I signed up for the newsletter and got that extra for free! Whoop.