The Chinese lanturn festival was on in town this weekend so we had a visit. Great fun. The park was magical in the evening light. Some quirky and fun entertainment.

what learning from home looks like for us




Although its not something i’ve gone into detail about on the blog. There is no secret that the kid is learning from home at the moment and is likely to stay that way for the next year.
I’ve had a number of question about homeschooling, what we do with our time, materials we use and structure. Hopefully this post will act as a archive for me, where we started, and a little look at ‘how we are doing it’ for anyone who’s interested.
I try not to worry about where she falls within the standardised academic system and concentrate on how she is developing as a person and whether she’s happy and engaged.

Compared to standard schooling the kid is fortunate enough to only have to focus on ‘academics’ for approx 45 mins 3-4 times a week, currently. The rest of our days are spent living, being a kid, playing and her activities. Ballet, jazz, gymnastics and swimming are all structured classes she attends weekly. Rather more than our intended schedule. But she’s thriving on it and if necessary we will cut out any that are to much.

Since we feel that our homeschool journey at the moment leans towards unschooling we don’t use a over arching curriculum. I have researched a few and there are a couple that could possibly fit well once the kid is older. We have a lot of activity books for extending her own self driven interests as well as a focus on the world around us and the planet we live on.




Currently the only formal teaching aid (aside from cuisenaire rods for basic maths that we do) we use is the ‘All About Reading’ system. I really rate it. So much so that we have the next level already purchased and the accompanying spelling system as well. It might not be everyones cup of tea – and at times it has hilarious american idimyms. But the phonic structure, step by step plans and gradual but encouraging progression really does fit the kid.

We also love Osmo and there a a number of great iPad aps that we utilise. Originator make some great ones. Quick Math Jr is a favourite of the kid and i’m sure there are a number I’m forgetting. We are not a tv or computer free house but I do try and keep screen time to a bare minimum.

*disclaimer to add I’m am not a qualified educator – just a mum doing her thing, finding a path for myself and the kid*

When I cease to function

It was 26 degrees at 9 am yesterday. It turns out that anything above 25 degrees and I cease to function as a normal, rational human being. Let alone a good parent. Its just to hot. I got ratty. She got ratty. Nothing worked. We couldn’t find a rhythm or groove with which to roll through the day with.

Literally things we flew through the day before became huge sticking points. Simple tasks (like go wash your face) were tasks that required questions and triple explanations. My chocolate consumption quadrupled.

So, exciting and adventurous beings that we are, we went to the woods. Again. Literally for what I think was the 6th day running.
We really need to move to a place with more variety.

five of 52

More biking through the woods. This is her newest ‘trick’. Love this kid with all my heart