A new year has started and I will admit to being oh so happy to see the 52 project continuing at Practicing Simplicity.
Blogging may be a bit hit and mis in the next few weeks as I sort out, rearrange and generally overhaul all my blogging and more importantly my photo editing and storage.
But I feel like this is a good start. Week 1 of 52

January 4, 2016 52 Project

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Christmas has been great this year. Family. Amazing weather. Gifts galore. A broken arm to add a little extra excitement. The kid has been a bit of a star really. Coping so well and only really upset that it has meant riding her skateboard from santa has needed to be postponed for a bit. We have all be spoilt rotten and its been wonderful.

The new year is looking really very fun. 2016 has a few adventures planned already. A three week adventure in the autumn which will see us Stateside and back in the northern hemisphere for a bit. Works looking good. We have a homeschool plan. Ive started running and am committing that this year, I will be more mindful and aware.

But for now, still enjoying family, sunshine and delicious food from the BBQ!

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