As part of my new years intentions I am aiming to make sure that this years sewing projects are all well thought out, and have a clear purpous and use in mind. While some of the 2015 makes have been huge hits, many have sat in the back of the kids wardrobe and been outgrown or simply unloved. Part of this intention is with the knowledge that I am going to have to adapt my skill and ideals to match that of a 5yr old. I think there will be more knit and jersey sewn. Skills that I need to practice.

As I will still be testing patterns for a few designers I am also aiming to blog more (or even all) or my creations. There have been some really cool makes over the last 6 months that got lost in the ‘drafts’ and never made it inot the blog.

This is the third pair of Happy Pants Ive made. It’s a pattern I bough a while ago and revisited recently as the kid wanted some more trousers.
While she is more willing to don trouses than she was 9 months ago, shes still not a fan of anything tight or restrictive. These pants fit the bill perfectly.
These are made of a rayon. Its not overly delightful to sew, rather slippy and disobedient. But its got great drape and a ‘weight’ to it that the kid really likes.


They were prefect for a walk in the woods yesterday, in the cool damp drizzle. She’s got a different, previously sewn pair on today and there are more on my sewing pile.

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