Same woods, new use

Now that madam is more proficiant on her bike and less likely to wobble off at the slightest uneven bit its also become somehwere we go with her to bike.

The woods near out house are a common haunt for us. Whether its a walk with friends, an escape from the indoor madness on drizzly or over hot days. A place we burn off energy. I run. We find peace when frazzled.

She loves the little bumps and undulations in the dirt track, stopping to examine bees, flowers, tree stumps and other oddities as she passes.

Mondays in the – not so sun

We needed the rain, we really did. Everything was dry and parched and turning brown. So the rain was welcome.

Except that it lasted for three and a half days. Solidly.
Now, ten years ago, living in the UK, that probably wouldn’t have phased me. But after 7 years of living over here I’ve gone soft. I was wet and miserable. I lit the fire and we snuggled up and watched films.

These pics were actually taken on tuesday, the day the rain ended and we scrambled to get out of the house and into the fresh air after lunch. The temperature rose immediately and madams doll Jess came too. It felt like a combination of shiny and bright. The rain cleaned the dust of summer away and give everything a fresh feel.

There are little signs of autumn beginning to creep in (amongst the weeds). Acorns, the odd orange and yellow leaf. Peaches ripening. Garlic ready to be harvested. Zuccinis in the garden and peppers slowly growing on the plants.

A Wild Coat from Big Little

Anyone who has read this blog will know that I have a bit of a love affair with Big Little Patterns. The Wild Things hooded scarf was an absolute favourite over the winter.

Well, now Lisa has upped the game and create a Wild Things coat!! Yup, a coat! There is a huge variety of animals. Cat, bunny, dog, bear, horse, dino. giraffe and more. In fact I think with the fabulous array of pattern pieces provided and a bit of imagination, pretty much any animal you can dream up, you could make.

I know that I’m hardly unbiased in my love of Big Little but seriously. This one is a great.
The kid decided she needed a ‘kitty’ coat .. and although I had grand ideas of a hello kitty inspired face. Time and my lack of embroidery skills meant she got basic cat.

I did the front loops with crocheted chained chunky wool as my sewing machine threw a tantrum trying button holes (first time ever) and its a roaring success. The lining is Heather Ross TigerLily and works perfectly.

It was a quiet evening sew – nothing complicated and a great set of instructions and tips. The tutorial has pictures and guides for every step. An extensive inspiration guide and step by step pages for all the different animal details. Plus the loveliest pages of up-cycling details and suggestions. There is also a condensed single page of steps for anyone who’s confident sewing the coats (or has made the base pattern multiple times … ahummm)

Anxious to start your own version? Visit the Big Little Pattern shop and purchase your pattern during the launch sale with a 30% discount for only $8.40 (regular price $12) until Sunday. If you already own the pixie or pea coat patterns then you can buy the hood elements as an add on.

Lisa has organised a fabulous blog tour so you can follow and see all the other testers marvellous creations.

Saturday: Adventures with Bubba and Bug and Blessed x Five

You can find the daily blog tour overview link here, there you will also find several non-blog tour tester pics.

Happy pants and a rainy day walk


As part of my new years intentions I am aiming to make sure that this years sewing projects are all well thought out, and have a clear purpous and use in mind. While some of the 2015 makes have been huge hits, many have sat in the back of the kids wardrobe and been outgrown or simply unloved. Part of this intention is with the knowledge that I am going to have to adapt my skill and ideals to match that of a 5yr old. I think there will be more knit and jersey sewn. Skills that I need to practice.

As I will still be testing patterns for a few designers I am also aiming to blog more (or even all) or my creations. There have been some really cool makes over the last 6 months that got lost in the ‘drafts’ and never made it inot the blog.

This is the third pair of Happy Pants Ive made. It’s a pattern I bough a while ago and revisited recently as the kid wanted some more trousers.
While she is more willing to don trouses than she was 9 months ago, shes still not a fan of anything tight or restrictive. These pants fit the bill perfectly.
These are made of a rayon. Its not overly delightful to sew, rather slippy and disobedient. But its got great drape and a ‘weight’ to it that the kid really likes.


They were prefect for a walk in the woods yesterday, in the cool damp drizzle. She’s got a different, previously sewn pair on today and there are more on my sewing pile.

some views

I was thinking the other day how perception is everything. I look a beautiful blogs with seaside images, or mountains covered with snow. Home that burst with light or colour. Or both. Oasis of calm and tranquility. Or hives of creativity and activity.

I’m not really sure where this blog falls. I’m not sure if it has a ‘purpose’ as such. Or is more like me – it just kind of, is. I wonder what perception of our lives it creates.
Looking at the images from the weekend made me realise how much snaps shots of life are definitely not representitive of the fullness of life.

For example. Those awesome black and white shots above, with moody looking skies and a tall forests. It was actually a day out with friends. A sunny bright morning and the echo of chattering kids.

May be it is actually the most acurate representation of me that there could be. An ecclectic mix of the many things that make up our lives.

Mondays in the sun

A sunny day. Bike riding and playing at the park. Fresh air and exercise.
This week marks the begining of the new year for me. Ok, I’m like, 2 weeks late I’m know. But this week is the week that I’m starting to take more care of what I eat, do more exercise and generally try and shift the slightly fuzzy way my brain has been working recently.