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Christmas clothes, christmas ornaments. A little pattern testing that ive combined into Christmas clothes making. Her own ornaments. The easiest, fastest most fuss free pizza Ive ever made. Seriously. I make pizza pretty often and make the dough myself. Im no novice in that respect. But. This. Was live changing.

Two ingredients. No rise! And yes I will share. 2 cups of self raising flour + 2 cups of natural or greek yoghurt. Mix into a very wet and sticky dough. divide into 4 (or 3 in our case) and plop onto floured baking parchment. Sprinkle with flour and flatten. beware its *sticky*. Add topping. Slide onto a preheated tray. Cook. I did mine at 250 (or the hottest my oven would go – so probably a bit above 250) for about 10 mins or until it looked cooked.

The kid decorated hers herself. Child cooking for a win.

Thank me later 😉

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  1. It is so weird seeing Christmas fabrics in Summer clothes, we thought this seeing your FB photos the other day! But lovely sewing once you get over that! And great idea for the pizza, we sometimes make little brunch-ish rolls with that dough, putting chopped up cooked bacon in it and cheese on the top, but I hadn’t thought to use it for pizza, I will have to try it since we love homemade pizzas but I normally do a full bready dough, this version would be much easier if it passes the gang’s taste test!

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