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With the warmer weather we have been out and about more. This weekend we made a trip to the local gorge for a walk and a paddle. Ok, the paddling wasn’t planned but the kid was so excited it was impossible to say no! We bookended the trip with pastries from the local sunday market and a gardening afternoon. I even snuck out and had a lovely hours hike by my self in the afternoon.

I found the initial season change hard. As the snow melted and the weather warmed I found myself feeling disjointed and in my own head. With a concerted effort to get out exercising and eating healthier I’m feeling better. Calmer and settled. The summer will be a good one. We will make sure of it.

A Cape for My Little Lady

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I made my little lady a cape recently. Lisa from Big Little has updated her classic children’s cape! Adding a rounded hood and also a collar. 3 lengths and enough inspiration to keep anyone going for years. Seriously the ideas and options are huge. Madam chose some simply awful (to sew, and apparently photograph!) minky. Ok, in fairness its super soft and snuggly. Like wearing a big hug. And – it did turn out super cute – so I’ll over look all the pin sticks I got sewing the slippery mind-of-its-own minky and try and forget the swearwords I invented.

The cape itself is a super easy sew. The pattern is easy to print and the tutorial is easy to follow and has lots of pictures (a necessity for me!) Which was great as I needed a easy, quick sew as my enthusiasm for the sewing machine has been lacking recently. This cape delivered in spades. Fast, check. Simple, check. Beautifully finished, check! 

It has the perfect combination of whimsey and fairytale with function and a great fit. This cape has had SO much use .. from the second it came off the machine. And not just for play either, madam has been wearing it instead of her usual coat or body warmer!

Lisa is currently promoting the cape and its on offer! Pop by Etsy and grab it. If you use the code CHILDCAPE until sunday is only $7!! And in time for Halloween too 😉

If you pop to the Big Little Facebook page there are some amazing examples of what other people have done with this pattern, it’s fabulous.

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A gift from a friend. A holiday present. She has no idea how to actually throw it but she tries time and time again to get her boomerang to come back to her.

In My Garden


From my backdoor (literally stood on the step) the little building on the right is our sleep out/spareroom/art craft and school room. Veggie beds have onions, garlic and lettuce in them. The small square bed will be sweet peas.


Moving towards the back – front veggie beds on the left are cabbages, kale and spinach. There is a lemon tree and a plum tree. blueberry bushes in the foreground and the blossom tree is a peachcot tree. A;leo peas against the garage on the far left out of shot. The 5 big beds at the back are our main producing veggie beds and currently have brassicas in, broccoli, kohl rabi and kale, some strawberry plants and germinating seeds for carrots and butter beans. Capsicums and zucchini will go in as soon as I’m totally convinced we won’t get a errant frost.


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A Day Out









Spring in the park. Playground time. Blossom and flowers and bees. The city. The ‘big draw’ art and activity event for the holidays. Mirror exhibition at the museum. A really fun day out.

Around the House

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I think this week will see the beginning of my garden posts again. It is slowly happening out there. Seeds sprouting. Seedlings growing stronger. Blossom. Sunshine.