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A quiet walk by the river. Savouring the spring sunshine and warmth. Smallest enjoying dresses and a cardi rather than the layers and layers of wool. Ok, theres still wool in the form of leggings and vests – but there are also dresses! Whoop (if your 4 anyway)

Blue bird skies and skipping ahead. Shaking off the last of the illness that has bogged us down and kept us indoors for the last few weeks. I have noticed a lightness and the additional relaxed chatter that falls (pours) from madam has returned since we made decisions on schooling. Her anxiety has receded and been replaced with a more buoyant confidence in where her path lies for the next while. It’s a delight to see and makes us all feel more settled and happy. 

She talks and questions constantly – literally constantly. She is interested in everything and anything and it appears has an almost eidetic memory. Most importantly she’s friendly and loving and great fun to be around!

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  1. she already was at school, didn’t she? or is it that she doesn’t go to school now?
    lovely dress, of course it’s an advantage to be 4 and wear dresses (and just dresses!).

    1. She does kindergarten 2 days a week. that will end in the new year. shes so happy now it warmer and the dresses are back out of storage!

  2. Beautiful skies, and you are so good with those action shots. Is she going to be starting school full time in the New Year?

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