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Kelly behind Sewing in No Mans Land and some of her co-conspirators have launched a wonderful subscription club for sewing enthusiasts. The Sew What Club. Seriously if you love sewing clothes for kids please check it out! 

The dress above is the Lyon – a super slip dress that can be made in either knit or woven fabric.
My first version was a woven with our holiday next month in mind. Obviously I didn’t really allow for the fact that when taking pics of it it was going to be -3 and requite madam to have multiple layers on! 

It was lovely and simple to sew up but very stylish when worn – the perfect combination! It really does look lovely and summery when its not layered with wool and tights! The knit version is also great. Very comfy and easy to wear for little lady. I finished a Lyon hack that I’d had in mind and it only took an hour to sew up. Even in knit and thats usually takes me ages as I’m super slow sewing knit. I’ve done my hack as a short tunic with a thick hem band and chunky neck and sleeve bands. Pics are on my Instagram. I cannot wait to make more and I do think this will become a stable summer knit/jersey dress.

The other pattern released this month is the Annecy Dress. Oh my, this is a doozy of the dress. Its summery, and strappy and gorgeous. There are delightful little details like piping on the sides and straps, a thick hem band and options to do some creative colour blocking. A perfect combination of pretty party dress if you want to go wild with fabrics. Or a casual everyday summer dress if you keep it simple.

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As you can see, in the month between making the dresses and taking immediate pics of the Annecy but waiting a few weeks before photographing the Lyon – the weather somewhat changed! 

I am not at all affiliated to The Sew What Club or Sewing In No Mans Land. Just an admirer of the patterns they produce and lucky enough to get to test some of them out 🙂

July 9, 2015 Sewing


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We have been ill this last week so pictures are scarce. Credit for this to hubby – along with major kudos for taking smallest for the coolest daddy/daughter day out – and giving mama time to rest, read and tidy.

Thank you

July 5, 2015 52 Project


Since madam has how grown her flower boots that I made earlier in the year I have been meaning to get round to making her some more slipper boots. Since it snot wintery and cold they needed to be super warm, and also. If possible, go on over both ballet and jazz shoes – she wears slipper sot keep her feet toasty while waiting for her lessons.

This coincided with Lisa’s Tie Back Boot pattern being tested and now .. released!!


The boots are very similar to the flower boot, but feature a tie around the ankle. Now I should mention that in the pics on mine it a shoe lace tie – blame the kid dictator that rules my house. The pattern calls for elastic cord or elastic lace as the tie back. Super clever as it give great support holding the boot snugly on the foot but is easy on and off. Some of the testers have don amazing things with fabrics and ties and have create the most amazing looking boots.

Mine were all about functionality and styling by the small dictator. warm fleece outers, cotton inner and neon pink ties. more jazz than ballet in styling! The boots themselves are super simple to sew up, they took me less than an hour and look so cute. As always Lisa’s instructions are easy to follow and there are plenty of pics for those (like me!) need a visual prompt! They don’t require much fabric (even for madams elephant feet) so are perfect for up cycling jumpers or stash busting.  I’ve made a couple as gifts as well.



The pattern is available at Big Little and if you use the code BOOTS its on offer!! Just whats needed for cosy toes and keeping those chilblains at bay this winter!

July 3, 2015 Sewing

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