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Dolls, playing and handwriting practicing. Brownie. Evening skies. Walking with daddy after his run. Trainline. iPad learning. Kea playing and eating. New gorillas at our local wildlife park. Meerkat!!

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Sledding on a teeny tiny snow fall over the weekend. Loving winter and all it brings

This Week – a hobby horse



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We made a super simple hobby horse this week, hand drawn pattern, some flannel form my stash and some yarn that madam chose herself. Its a little seahorse-y looking but meh, she loves it!

My hack on the Lyon Dress

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Recently I wrote about the Sew What Club and the 2 patterns that they launched in their first month. The Annecy and the Lyon.

Well obviously since I cannot resist fiddling with things it was inevitable that I would have a bash at hacking the Lyon after I tested the original. And this is what I came up with. Its not perfect and there are things I will do differently on my mods when I make the next one – there will definitely be more! Both the original and the hack.

Its all a cotton jersey fabric, but not super stretchy and doesn’t have the best rebound so my mods took this into account. I cut about 6 inches off the length, added that back with the hem band which I cut narrower than the hem by about 20% and rather than doing the neckline and armholes with bias I did chunky bands instead.

I made the arm and neck bands the same measurement as the holes – which next time I would change and do about 5% shorter and cut them so that the top fold is marginally narrower than the base. The hem band I adore as is. The top of the dress part has a small pleat as I cut the front the same width as the back and just pleated in the extra. I liked that way it made the front hang. Also I omitted the waist elastic.
The original pattern is wonderful and comes together so well. All the bits I will tweak are from my modifications – not the original pattern. Just so we’re clear!

Lights in the Park
















During the school holidays there are always things for the kids going on in the city. Today we headed into town to catch the Lights in the Park. As part of kidsfest this winter holiday they put light sculptures and fixtures in a route around the botanic gardens and after a wander in the mall, a play in the playground, some hot chips and cheese cake (banoffee – it was amazing!) we walked the route in the dark. It was awesome and madam was super brave and didn’t get at all weirded out by the dark. Which sort of surprised us. She not usually that keen on being out after dark.

Very cold, a little bit christmassy and of such fun.

Hubby was in charge of pics 🙂 He wasn’t given that much time for them though as every time we lost sight of him madam wold holler at the top of her lungs ‘daddyyyyyyyy’ …. ‘come on daddyyyyyy’ ha.

this week

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Yup, that sums it up pretty neatly! We have been snuggling up and bunking down. The fires been going and we have been loving the cold and crispy/warm and cosy contrasts.