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June 29, 2015 52 Project


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June 21, 2015 52 Project






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A wonderful gift arrived late on thursday. A reasonable dumping of the fluffy white stuff. Well actually its pretty heavy wet snow, but its white and crunchy and we can build snowmen! The temp didn’t drop all that much so its was pretty slushy, so we headed to the woods to see how it was in there. It was awesome. 

Wet but awesome. Snow dropped from the boughs above us and crunched under our feet. Some limbs had fallen under the weight and the little saplings had bent and bowed over, like bowers covered in sparkly glitter (and cold wet stuff to fall down your neck at the right moment)


June 20, 2015 Homelife


The beginning of the week was warmer and sunny. 

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Then it snowed!

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June 19, 2015 This Week


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Over the weekend we took madam to see her first ever circus. A little acrobatic and clown circus, passing through a local town. It was small and fun and a perfect introduction. Our little lady loved every minute of the performance and enjoyed the clowns too.

Please excuse the overly b&w pics – a red and blue striped big top doesn’t make for great photography!

June 17, 2015 Homelife


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First time at the circus.

June 15, 2015 52 Project

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Doesn’t everyone start and end the day with a spot of drone flying? No? Only us? I thought it might be.

Hubby’s birthday toy finally arrived (only a month late – not bad by my terrible tardy present giving standards) and there we were, at 8am, in the frost, trying it out. Now anyone who knows me in the real world, as it were, will know that I have been questioning the need for a drone. Because, really, does anyone actually need a drone?

Well. While I will not go on record officially as saying it. Its kind of cool. Actually very cool. Awesome in fact. Damn its a flying thing with a camera attached, I don’t think there is much cooler.

Smallest can already make it take off and land, its takes pics and videos and is sounds like a swarm of angry hornets. It goes km up and around and has a button for ‘home’ that you press and it returns to you. Like a well trained pet dog. I will never be allowed to fly it since I can barely be trusted to operate a kettle without burning myself or breaking said electrical device. But I will watch. And take pics of it. Of it taking pics of me.

June 13, 2015 Homelife





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This week I have sewn a fair bit. Finishing madams quilt – finally!!! A skirt that was requested a while ago. 3 projects somewhere between cut out and nearly finished languish on my WIP pile. But I feel that they are going to be sewn this side of sooner rather than later. Flowers from the garden, even this late in the year. Ballet and dance imbue our every day in one way or another.
And the relationship madam has with our wonderful patient, kindly spaniel. I grew up with these dogs (although Working Cockers not Springers) and they truly are worth their – in his case not inconsiderable weight – in gold.
She tried every single hair band, accessory, clip and bobble on him, not to mention necklaces and bracelets. He lay there uncomplaining as she played for a full 45 mins. It’s possible he couldn’t escape as she saw fit to put the pony rope on him – but I think he stayed 99% of his own volition.

June 12, 2015 This Week


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I was lucky enough recently to test Lisa from Big Little‘s most recent release. The Wild Thing Hooded Scarf. We are huge fans of this in our house. HUGE fans.

Me, because the patterns is super easy to follow and sews up in no time at all (it would be the most awesome wintery gift for Christmas or cooler season birthdays) and isn’t too fabric hungry. Madam because, well. Look at it. Pony hat!!
From cutting to completion its about a 40 minute sew up – probably less if your not trying to drink tea and eat biscuits while doing it! You don’t need anything fancy for the pattern and can mix and match the fabrics to your hearts content.

The pattern comes with a enormous variety of options, cowl, cross over or scarf. Pockets should you want them, little claws or paw pads. I chose a poly cotton outer for this pony version as it was in my stash needing used up and a soft minky fleece for the lining (and ears). The mane is rainbow felt cut from the wonderful parcel I received from the creative inspiration behind Wonky Patchwork. I couldn’t think of a more perfect project to start cutting into that precious stash than this.

We headed up to Castle Hill on a cool damp morning to try it out. We started out in down jackets and ended up in shirtsleeves as you can see – it got warm. But the hat. That stayed on madams head – no prompting at all. For me that was the biggest win of all. Smallest madam has pulled out this hat time and again since I made it – its her go-to hat.

Head off to Big Little on Facebook and check out some of the amazing hats that Lisa’s testers made .. they are wonderful! Then don’t forget to swing by and grab that pattern wile its on offer! Use the code WILDTHING to get it for $5

June 9, 2015 Crafting, Sewing


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Because who doesn’t like to lie by the fire with their cat?

June 7, 2015 52 Project

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