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A walk in the bush. Not our usual haunt but a lovely place (particularly now the wasps have settled down) The rains have rejuvenated the area. Leaves have plumped up, mosses look soft and springy. Some of the trees are tentatively turning towards autumn colours, hews of red, orange and gold are appearing.

Of course there was also a paddle at the river on the way home. Why she wanted to paddle I have no idea. It wasn’t exactly balmy and warm, sunny yes but with definitely cool undertones. But in she went anyway. Fully clothed. 

Her shirt is a Lennon blouse from Brownie Goose that I modified during the sew-a-long that was done on Amy’s Blog so it has a lovely peter pan collar. I think of all my patterns this is my favourite. There is something to incredibly simple yet classic about it. And versatile. 


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  1. What a gorgeous looking walk, and hurray for getting so wet in rivers! At least it’s still sunny, does your dog enjoy getting wet too?

    1. Its a great river! Hobbes doesn’t mind a paddle and will swim in summer but he’s not very brave considering he’s a spaniel. My last gundog would swim all day every day given the opportunity.

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