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Leaving chalk drawings for the easter bunny. Along with little messages. I adore that at this age there is still magic. Real magic. She left her egg hunting basket outside the door with a carrot in it. Along with some pictures and a note. She didn’t want an egg this year. She wanted ‘Pet Birdies’. Which charmingly the easter bunny obliged and brought for her. Leaving bunny paw prints on the steps as he hopped up and down. A little note saying thank you for the carrot and some bits in her basket, a chic hen, bunny mask and tail. 

We set out a little table for her, mini eggs and treats from Nana. A bunny plate from us. Ballet specials from Grandpa and her Catherine.  We had a wonderful walk in the morning and a quiet afternoon 


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  1. sweet innocence…
    I don’t feel easter as a special activity as in spain it’s more of a Christian date (though I’m neither a believer…) but I’ve started to make some crafts with wen and her grandmother makes an egg hunting for her.

  2. Sounds a wonderful Easter, love her chalk drawings, I must get our chalks outside, the weather’s becoming perfect for that here now.

    1. its such a great play thing – and washes away so very tidy! She leaves messages for all sorts of things – Easter, her friends, the birds!

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