Mondays in the Sun



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A splashy fun muddy walk, An exhale of the last weeks tensions. Emotional strains have made us both cranky and short. This calmed and centred us. 

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A trip to the beach. Fresh air and wind blown hair. Wet dress and sandy toes.


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Off up ahead of us out walking and exploring.


The view looking the other way!

A Day Out in the City

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Christchurch. A city that I admire so much. My closest large town but one we don’t really venturing into beyond the outer suburbs and mall. Or theatre if we want t bit of culture. We aren’t really city people. But today we headed in to do a discovery hunt at the botanic gardens, find the lego imagination station, ride the tram and see the cardboard cathedral. Ok the plan was actually just the Gardens and the Lego but it morphed into a full day in the city that we really enjoyed.

It is easy to forget the utter destruction of the earthquakes when you live out in the country and everything out here is fixed. 4 years on and the city is doing its upmost best to be a vibrant, busy cosmopolitan centre. The tram runs, the Re:Start Mall is great and the Cardboard Cathedral is breathtaking. Seriously, I’m not religious but it was a magical space.

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This moment. A moment fem this week that I want to pause, savour and remember.

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First Snow


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The first snow of 2015 fell last night. Proper big fat awesome snowflakes. Ok, by morning it was more of a icy crust on the ground. But it was pretty and sparkly and white.

Mondays in the Sun

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There was snow on this mountains this morning. A powdered sugar coated vista. Freezing rain and cold winds in the morning but the sun came out after lunch and we wrapped up and headed to the park. She is loving the winter weather – purely for being able to bring out her hats and puffy waistcoat and her new thermal boots. The fire burns at night and the house is snug. We are drinking hot chocolate and eating hot breakfasts. Madams winter weight, wool blanket inner quilt needs binding and putting on her bed.

The holiday from preschool is rolling along and we are enjoying time to play, craft and see friends. Suddenly we have entered the world of playdates without parents. She doesn’t need me hanging about. In fact, as soon as she’s in the door and away her only parting comment is along the lines of ‘please go now mama, come back later’. In one case I have to firmly justify my staying with a firm ‘but I want to see my friend – ‘x’s mummy. ‘Oh, okay, I suppose thats fine’ she replies. Nice. Thanks honey.

But really, it is wonderful. Somehow, I’m not entirely sure how, I’ve created an individual who doesn’t need me 24/7. She is her own person. Its simultaneously amazing and empowering ad terrifying at the same time. I guess I just thought it would take longer, you know. A few more years may be.