When Lisa asked for testers for this coat I put my hand up immediately. Ok, I did feel I was cheating slightly as I’ve made this coat before. I bough Lisa’s original pixie hooded coat pattern a couple of years ago and have made it a few times. But I did so want to try the woman’s version and the other collar options!

The coat above is the pixie hooded version. Made with the wool outer (up-cycled blanket) and the inner is a quilting weight cotton.  It is a lovely pattern to sew up. It comes together beautifully and the instructions are easy to follow (the new tutorial has even more instructions and pictures!) Please ignore the little tuck at the back. I failed to use my walking foot for the wool and it stretched while sewing and gave me an extra inch of fabric that I wasn’t expecting!

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This is the collared version. Or as madam calls it. Her puffy pea coat.

I reversed the layers and put the quilting weight cotton on the outer (she chose the cotton) and I lined it with a fleecy blanket that was no longer used. Its a size 5 so a little big – it looks more so as the cotton bunches more than the wool does – I’d consider interfacing it next time to give it a little more structure. The blanket is soft and fluffy and perfect around her neck and wrists. Not to mention warm.

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Massive picture overload as she wore it loads on our recent trip to Tekapo. I really do love this pattern. With the collar and rounded hood options available – and a huge size range it’s a really wonderful addition to any pattern collection. I think it would be wonderful in an oil cloth for a shower proof option or just in double cotton as a spring mac.

The pattern is available from the Big Little Etsy shop
Check out the Pixie Hooded Jacket or the Pea Coat
Both patterns have the huge age range of 1-14 years so this is a pattern that will last and last. Warm winter coats. Spring macs and autumn fuzzy fleeces. And the double bonus is that its discounted for the first week!
There is also a wonderful ladies version.

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    1. Thank you, and I couldn’t agree more! Why should winter be fashionable haha. I love that the pattern stretches to at least 2 winters too.

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s not all that perfect if you look to closely, but madam likes it so I’m happy

    1. yup – both have her approval – particularly the collar pea coat as the lining is so soft and fluffy. I think it would have been awesome with a flannel or slightly heavier outer fabric too.

  1. thanks so much for helping me test the pattern. She looks so warm and cosy in her coat… Bring on winter! Xx

  2. I love pixie hoods so I have a big soft spot for that first one, but I have to say the second one just looks stunning to me with those fabric choices – what a great idea for the ‘lining’, it looks so soft and warm and snuggly. Was it easy to sew with such thick, fluffy fabric?

    1. It wasn’t to bad actually (which surprised me!) I used my walking foot and cut the entire lining about 1/4 inch smaller than the cotton outer to allow for the stretch that seems to inevitably happen to me! Its a super cheap way to line a coat too!

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