We had a great walk this weekend. Autumn has arrived and the temperatures ave dropped. With them the wasp numbers that make the beech woods unsafe for walking with little people. The sun was shining but not beating down unpleasantly. 

Washpen Falls is a wonderful walk on private land near us. The track it follows is maintained nicely and easy to follow. The route winds through pine woods, past caves and waterfalls. Climbs up into the high country tussock and then tracks down steeply to the river, with steep steps and sheer cliffs, down to a swimming lagoon. Close to the beginning it passes through old established honeydew beech woods (still a bit waspy but not to bad) and then back to the farm where the track begins and ends. Its an easy drive down the road and a walk we are eager to repeat again soon.  

Pictures by hubby mostly.


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  1. it seems like it was yesterday when spring started there and now you’re already announcing autumn. the same here…
    such a beautiful place!

    1. This summer has simultaneously flown by as we have enjoyed the light and sun and time outside yet dragged horribly during the swelteringly hot parts.

  2. I love that as you welcome autumn, we are welcoming spring.

    That is a stunning walk. I mus visit your part of the world one day….

    1. It’s very cool isn’t it. I find it increases my appreciation of the season i’m in as I’m reminded it all to soon changes.

  3. Whoa, that waterfall is stunning, and is that where you get to swim? Looks like a gorgeous walk all round but especially that bit. And you’ve answered my Summer heat question now – I should read in order!

    1. thank you, isn’t it awesome. We’ve never swum there before but there is a ‘lagoon’ marked further down the river that I think is a dedicated swimming hole. Cant wait to try it next summer – with copious amount of ‘OFF’ for the sandflies.

  4. Hi Aimee,

    What wonderful photos of your little girl at Washpen Falls.
    So glad you enjoyed the walk.
    Come back again one day.
    Thankyou for your lovely comments

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