Madam decided that she wants to wear ‘dresses’ to bed. Nighties to the rest of the world. I had some cute owl flannel in the cupboard that I bought on sale at spotlight recently so I experimented with a peasant dress style. Some tweaking and I cut into the enchanted princess fabric that arrived this week. I adore how it looks and best thing ever is that madam does too. I used this free pattern and adjusted it a little. The fabric is from Alexander Henrys Once upon a Time Collection . It took me a while to to decide how to use this fabric. I wanted something that showcased the beautiful designs but also that would be well used and worn to death. PJ’s is the perfect solution for us. There is another one on my cutting table using Heather Ross’s Princess and the Pea. 

I also whipped up a pair of ‘Flower Boots’ from Big Little Patterns. Madam has been wanting a pair since she saw me making the pair I did for the pattern testing. Such a easy pattern to sew up. They literally took me an hour from start to finish. A butterfly on the front was requested and the result I think; speak for for my complete and utter lack of talent for cutting out free-hand shapes. Yeah – that thing on the front. Meant. To. Be. A. Butterfly. The boots where made from little scraps that have been hanging about for ages annoying me – perfect scrap buster. I like these slouchy ones and madam does too – but I’d love to try a sherpa lined pair with a stiffer canvas/drill outer at some point as I think that would also look amazing. 

I also made a pair of pants that go with each nightie. Personally I think they are awesome but its got to be serious winter weather to get her into trousers – even ones with princess on them!

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  1. An hour sounds amazing, I was tempted by that pattern when you posted before, you may have tipped me over the edge now. And that princess fabric is just gorgeous.

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