Madam decided that she wants to wear ‘dresses’ to bed. Nighties to the rest of the world. I had some cute owl flannel in the cupboard that I bought on sale at spotlight recently so I experimented with a peasant dress style. Some tweaking and I cut into the enchanted princess fabric that arrived this week. I adore how it looks and best thing ever is that madam does too. I used this free pattern and adjusted it a little. The fabric is from Alexander Henrys Once upon a Time Collection . It took me a while to to decide how to use this fabric. I wanted something that showcased the beautiful designs but also that would be well used and worn to death. PJ’s is the perfect solution for us. There is another one on my cutting table using Heather Ross’s Princess and the Pea. 

I also whipped up a pair of ‘Flower Boots’ from Big Little Patterns. Madam has been wanting a pair since she saw me making the pair I did for the pattern testing. Such a easy pattern to sew up. They literally took me an hour from start to finish. A butterfly on the front was requested and the result I think; speak for for my complete and utter lack of talent for cutting out free-hand shapes. Yeah – that thing on the front. Meant. To. Be. A. Butterfly. The boots where made from little scraps that have been hanging about for ages annoying me – perfect scrap buster. I like these slouchy ones and madam does too – but I’d love to try a sherpa lined pair with a stiffer canvas/drill outer at some point as I think that would also look amazing. 

I also made a pair of pants that go with each nightie. Personally I think they are awesome but its got to be serious winter weather to get her into trousers – even ones with princess on them!

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment. A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember.





Cheating again – a few moments from the week. A morning sight. Her wake up face – I adore this shot as she still looks so toddler-esq which isn’t a sight I often capture. New nightie. Evening shenanigans 

In My Garden











Its looking rather wind blown and parched. But somehow, despite the weather and my inattention its still giving us food to eat and fuel ourselves with. Zuccini and onions a plenty. Carrots and parsnip and bok choi. Tomatoes are ripening slowly as are the peppers.

It’s messy and a bit wild and freeform this year. I guess you could say I’m not feeling it as much as I was last season. It seems to be a drain on my time that I cannot keep up with. A place where good intentions go to die. Unrealised. Sunflowers and Zinnias from friends have blossomed. My corn – which was looking great was eaten by a 4 legged equine. I was unimpressed by that. And a bit sad. The beans came and went – they were delicious but the wind destroyed them. Squash plants are trying hard. Potatoes need digging.

I think that my lent resolution will not be to ‘give up’ anything, but rather to be more focused and proactive. Take those little 5 minute moments in which to do the things that need doing. Because, lets be honest. Giving up chocolate. Not going to happen.

Flower Boots

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I made these up a few weeks ago as a tester for Lisa’s pattern. They are going to a friends daughter for her birthday next month so are tucked away in the cupboard, wrapped in tissue paper. Little miss cannot wait for a pair of her own.

The pattern is from Big Little Patterns and can be found here – its currently on sale as its a new release! Go grab it now. The boots come in a variety of sizes from bootie size for babies right through to Youth sizes. Which is awesome as its a pattern you can use again and gain .. and again!

Sewing them up was an easy evening sew. Lovely and simple and super easy to follow instructions. The pattern pieces go together ever so smoothly and the result is wonderful. There is so much you could do to dress these up or down – I had a mess up with my leather for the soles so mine are sheepskin. The lining is up-cycyled cotton and the outer is up cycled wool. Its a great stash buster actually!

The flower is adorable but cold easily be left off if you have a boy or replaced with appliqué or a ‘patch’ if flowers aren’t your thing. You could cap the toe in suede. Pop a fringe round the top. Or pom poms .. who doesn’t love pom poms!

This is such a great pattern and I already have another pair cut and ready to sew for little madam – perfect as winter approaches.
Check out the pattern at 30% off for a short time here

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for This Moment – a moment (or moments in my case) from this week that I want to savour and remember.

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Riding home from preschool. Morning activity. Afternoon activity – and I made that jumper! So proud of myself, I was brave and conquered my fear of knits.


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Akaroa. A little french town on the Banks Peninsular. About 90 mins from our home and yet a world away. Beach, sand, sea, boats and gellato. A perfect day out when its hitting 34 degrees and the suns out.
It’s so surreal seeing all the pictures of knee deep snow on other blogs as we are basking away in high summer temps. And wind. We have had a lot of wind – the veggies are suffering for it. But it’s been lovely heading out and having family adventures. Memories to be locked away for winter! 
Madam had a wonderful time on the beach, playing in the water and sand. It was to hot for a long stop but we managed a nice hour before the heat chased us into the shade and we retreated for lunch. After that we walked and wandered along the peer. Watched stingrays and sail boats. Madam was most unimpressed that Falbala (her GP’s yacht) wasn’t there and there was no dingy for mini adventures.
Pictures are a 50/50 split between hubby and I.