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Zucchini, parsnips and bol choi seedlings – a little heat singed from the 35 degree days we had just after I planted them


P1130006 edited

Tomatos and the beds around the old tree stump – it needs wood chipping

P1130008 edited

Garlic!! Yay – we have lots and lots, I think I got a little carried away planting them in the winter.

P1130009 editedP1130010

Carrots, peppers, onions

P1130012 editedP1130013

Peas and bean bed – with eggplant at the back buried under the slight over zealous bean plants.


Pumpkin plant that self seeded

P1130017 editedP1130018

Corn and one of the multitude of self seeded borage that have popped up all over the place after last years borage plants

P1130016 editedP1130020

Corn and sunflowers – the sunflowers are from the lovely Lisa over at Little Coffee Beans.

P1130025 edited

It’s not looking particularly attractive out there at the moment. A combination of weeds, sun burnt leaves and over zealous growth. But it is pretty  productive. I’m trying really hard to get organised for the next round of planting. The autumn beds to go in. Kale, broccoli, kohl rabi, second round of peas. But also trying to jut enjoy going out and picking or pulling up what we need. Thats a pretty good feeling

January 15, 2015 Food



Love this guy

January 14, 2015 Homelife


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Her smile in infectious and her sense of humour pretty sharp.

January 13, 2015 52 Project


Untitled 1110072



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Untitled 1110121

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Untitled 1110239

This sunday madam and I decided to head to our local sunday market. Stopping ay my favourite shop while there. I recommend checking it out Marmalade Clothing and Curiosities . She’ll post out if you want but if you happen to be in Canterbury I thoroughly recommend popping in. Actually I recommend Oxford in general. There are lots of cute shops and cafes considering how small the town is and a lively sunday market. 

It was warm (mid 20’s) and madam had a great time in the parks and swings and playing with the kids of the market vendors. Its such a great vibe there, very chilled and relaxed. Great fresh produce too. So we stocked up on treats and bits we needed and after some wandering and a cupcake at madams favourite cafe Pink Sugar.

After all that we got sidetracked by the river on the way home … It often happens to us, any time of year. It was balmy and warm and the water was inviting (if your 4 anyway). For nearly 2 hours we paddled, played in the sand and chatted to a few other people who were all enjoying the afternoon. Also side note *LOVE Saltwater Sandals. They are the best ever.


January 12, 2015 Little Adventures









We have been finding, for a while now, that bedtime has become an increasingly frustrating time. Madam is not being naughty per say, simply struggling to fall asleep in a timely fashion.
Obviously if she’d just close her eyes and lie still for more than 10 seconds that might help .. But the bright bright evenings and extremely hot temps are not helping. Nor is her ever busy active brain. She told us yesterday that ‘she just has a lot of questions in her head that won’t be quiet’.

We have blackout curtains, new bedroom furniture to help it feel cleaner and calmer. We tried books, even a film, cajoling, reprimanding, offering calming activities. Classical music. Some of it is accepting its just a perfect storm of circumstances, out of our control. But our reaction to it, how we respond to her is within our control. We don’t want to make bedtime stressful. 

So we tried a new idea. A nice walk after dinner. Usually around the block but tonight we went into the cool woods. Originally designed to simply knacker her out, but wow kids got stamina. It seems to be helping, perhaps not making the time she falls asleep any earlier. But its a calmer way of ending the day. For all of us.

January 11, 2015 Homelife


Joinign Soulemama for ` This Moment. A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special ordinary moment.


January 10, 2015 This Moment



Untitled 1010087

It’s actually a shameful representation of the gardens productivity. We are also eating home grown carrots, parsnips, bokchoi zucchini, blueberries and beets. But this was the picture that made me smile. 

I am so proud and delighted she is sharing in the things that I remember from being a child, eating fresh shelled peas like candy. She’s more focused than me though – she shelled the whole lot without getting bored or stopping or eating to many. Not a feat I could have achieved at her age! Ha or now – fresh peas are one of my many weaknesses!

We are slowly settling into 2015. Dragging ourselves out of holiday/festive mode and into the new year and modified routines and good intentions. One step, one day at a time. Someone said to be about running ‘just put one foot in front of the next’. So thats what I’m gong to do. Just. Keep. Moving.

January 8, 2015 Food



They stayed like this for about 15 minutes, he was in no hurry to move as she told him stories. They are a strange pair. Her with her chubby cheeks and frantic energy. His hawkish profile and extreme lethargy.

January 6, 2015 52 Project


This Moment – A moment front his week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.


January 4, 2015 This Moment



As we start this new year and I walk through the peaceful woods with madam I was drawn into thinking about resolutions and my intentions for the next 12 months. Now mostly I’d just like to freeze time and stop Moo from getting any older. And closer to school. I want to pause and savour every moment.

But I was also thinking about the things I do want to achieve. To try and keep our lives clean and clutter free. To try and integrate exercise into my life so that its not something I think about or have to do. It’s just something that I ‘do’. Daily. To be frugal where we can so we can then travel and explore and spend time with family. To slow down and take more time reading and playing with Moo. 

To be mindful.




January 2, 2015 Homelife

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