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Zucchini, parsnips and bol choi seedlings – a little heat singed from the 35 degree days we had just after I planted them


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Tomatos and the beds around the old tree stump – it needs wood chipping

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Garlic!! Yay – we have lots and lots, I think I got a little carried away planting them in the winter.

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Carrots, peppers, onions

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Peas and bean bed – with eggplant at the back buried under the slight over zealous bean plants.


Pumpkin plant that self seeded

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Corn and one of the multitude of self seeded borage that have popped up all over the place after last years borage plants

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Corn and sunflowers – the sunflowers are from the lovely Lisa over at Little Coffee Beans.

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It’s not looking particularly attractive out there at the moment. A combination of weeds, sun burnt leaves and over zealous growth. But it is pretty  productive. I’m trying really hard to get organised for the next round of planting. The autumn beds to go in. Kale, broccoli, kohl rabi, second round of peas. But also trying to jut enjoy going out and picking or pulling up what we need. Thats a pretty good feeling

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