We have been finding, for a while now, that bedtime has become an increasingly frustrating time. Madam is not being naughty per say, simply struggling to fall asleep in a timely fashion.
Obviously if she’d just close her eyes and lie still for more than 10 seconds that might help .. But the bright bright evenings and extremely hot temps are not helping. Nor is her ever busy active brain. She told us yesterday that ‘she just has a lot of questions in her head that won’t be quiet’.

We have blackout curtains, new bedroom furniture to help it feel cleaner and calmer. We tried books, even a film, cajoling, reprimanding, offering calming activities. Classical music. Some of it is accepting its just a perfect storm of circumstances, out of our control. But our reaction to it, how we respond to her is within our control. We don’t want to make bedtime stressful. 

So we tried a new idea. A nice walk after dinner. Usually around the block but tonight we went into the cool woods. Originally designed to simply knacker her out, but wow kids got stamina. It seems to be helping, perhaps not making the time she falls asleep any earlier. But its a calmer way of ending the day. For all of us.

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  1. She sounds like my little man, he can go on, and on, and on….. Sleep is something that has never found him easily, even as a baby. I love our after dinner walks in the spring and summer, so refreshing and as you say makes things calmer.

    Good luck, wishing your little miss sweet, sweet dreams.

    1. Thank you, yes her little brain struggles so much to shut down at night (like her dads) fingers crissed this combination works

  2. how much brightness at the end of the day!!! we use to make late afternoon walks in summertime, i find the nature even more beautiful at this time of the day… but well, for now our only matter’s the napping hour, at night she doesn’t have any problem to go to bed (but maybe i should add she goes to bed at 8,30 +/-). but if she sleeps for 11 hours each day, i think the hour shouldnt be a problem for her. she could maybe sleep with you… anyways, good luck with that…

    1. thank you, its so bright! I love the evenings, I think the birds sing the loudest then. I totally agree as long as they have at least 11 hours its all ok – She does creep in with us a fair bit, but she’s ever so wriggly – she likes to sleep at 45degrees to us.

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