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This evening, to beautiful not to photograph.

December 9, 2014 Homelife


Nims present arrived late on Wednesday night. She was inside, watching Mary Poppins with all the curtains closed.


Madam went to bed. I spent the evening cleaning and scrubbing, hanging and arranging. Thursday the curtains stayed closed and we blindfolded madam to get her to and from preschool. Hubby cut carpet tiles and built shelf units. I sewed curtains and hung them. 

Friday morning dawn wet and raining but with open curtains and a very happy Moo as she turned 4. Four times around the sun. I am not sure where this time has gone. How suddenly my baby has changed.  She is intelligent with a sharp sense of humour. Seems to excel at most that she tries but has no inclination to show off the skills she has, preferring to quietly just get on with it. She can be dramatic and stubborn. Thoughtful and staunch.








Her face was pure delight and made the preceding 36hours totally worth it. She had worked out what it was – a tiny 2 second peek while retrieving a cat from the windowsill combined with not being allowed to look outside gave it away (nice to know she has her dads detective brain) but actually seeing it up close, going inside. Well that was magic.

December 8, 2014 Special Memories



I just love this, she dressed herself and was entertaining herself outside ‘training’ the dog. 

With the outtakes below


December 7, 2014 52 Project


Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment. A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

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December 6, 2014 This Moment




I bough this pattern in the black friday sale. Ive umm’d and ahh’d over it for a while. But at nearly half price it was rude not to buy it! I made this little dress up over an evening, less than 3h from start to finish. Super simple but I think super stylish. I adore the pleats – first time I’ve ever tried them.

The cowl neck got a mixed reaction. Partially I think because when I asked her if she liked the ‘cowl neck’ she though I said ‘cow’ and immediately presumed I was dressing her to look like a cow – oh the mind of a 4yr old. Also it was quite high and stiff as the fabric is a woven. So I took it off her and cut the cowl down to half the hight and stuffed her back in the dress. Success, no complaining.

I can’t wait to make another – I’m thinking the next I’ll do with a plain knit bodice and cowl and do the skirt part in a nice woven. I really like this pattern and I’d recommend it. Its easy to follow and well written. I did change how I put the bodice together, not by a lot but simply so I had enclosed shoulder and side seams but that was my only deviation from the instructions (which is a miracle as I’m terrible at wondering off on my own tangents)

I also think it could look quite cool reversed with the collar points at the front. I might try that …… Or as a button up shirt.

Yup, this pattern gets my vote

December 3, 2014 Crafting, Sewing








She’s over the moon as her pony is home. We all are really. It’s lovely that he gets to go away and be a ‘real’ horse, hang with the big boys and chill out. He loves his 2nd home. But boy do we love having him back. He completes this place.

If anyone os interested in livestock management on a small section just shout, I can always writ a bit on how we manage. But I don’t want to write something thats just boring!

December 2, 2014 Homelife



I had a tough time choosing this one. This is ‘one from the cutting room floor’ as I took better exposed, better composed and better focused shots. But this one captured the moment the best. It was the very first shot on the card, one I snapped around the corner after popping into the house to get my camera and turn dinner down on the stove!

December 1, 2014 52 Project

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