I bough this pattern in the black friday sale. Ive umm’d and ahh’d over it for a while. But at nearly half price it was rude not to buy it! I made this little dress up over an evening, less than 3h from start to finish. Super simple but I think super stylish. I adore the pleats – first time I’ve ever tried them.

The cowl neck got a mixed reaction. Partially I think because when I asked her if she liked the ‘cowl neck’ she though I said ‘cow’ and immediately presumed I was dressing her to look like a cow – oh the mind of a 4yr old. Also it was quite high and stiff as the fabric is a woven. So I took it off her and cut the cowl down to half the hight and stuffed her back in the dress. Success, no complaining.

I can’t wait to make another – I’m thinking the next I’ll do with a plain knit bodice and cowl and do the skirt part in a nice woven. I really like this pattern and I’d recommend it. Its easy to follow and well written. I did change how I put the bodice together, not by a lot but simply so I had enclosed shoulder and side seams but that was my only deviation from the instructions (which is a miracle as I’m terrible at wondering off on my own tangents)

I also think it could look quite cool reversed with the collar points at the front. I might try that …… Or as a button up shirt.

Yup, this pattern gets my vote

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