This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment, a special moment from this week


Breaking the no words rule.
Sewing from a new pattern that I got on the Black Friday sales online. VioletteFieldThreads Alba

So happy with it. I have been testing the most wonderful doll pattern (which is amazing and I’ll do a post about soon) but I needed a quick, easy ‘win’ to sew in a couple of hours and this dress fitted the bill perfectly



Possibly my favourite picture of the year so far. Can’t explain why. It just captures ‘her’.

Out walking, in her new spotty dress that she adores.

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment. A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.


Check This Out

The Wilder Coast – A blog which has made me laugh, smile, raise my hand for a virtual high five and also cringe with understanding. Melina writes with a refreshing and candid honesty and humour. Seriously she’s bloody funny. And brave. She writes about life. The pains, the adventures, the grey wet drizzly days.

Screen Shot 2014 11 17 at 8 52 36 pm


Click on the link, have a read. The experiences and truths on there are bold and beautiful.

The reason I’m linking this? Well, mostly because its one of my go to blogs. And instagrams. But also because I want to share the things that make me smile and mutter ‘yes’ under my breath. The places I take inspiration and affirmation from. This is one of them. Also, did I mention Hometeam? Hometeam is the deal sealer.

Big Rocks and Blue Skies











A friend came to stay this past week.  A friend from when I was young. We haven’t seen each other for 15 years, nearly as long since we spoke. Not through any angst or disagreement. Just through life. Separate paths to be trodden. And last month our paths crossed. A happy serendipitous crossing that melted the years into nothing. We are both older, wiser (may be), a touch more travelled and sun worn.

But we are still us. Still in heart those teenagers who spent hours walking and watching waves, climbing into caves and lying on big rocks in the purple heather. Watching clouds in blue skies.

It was an amazing feeling to renew that friendship. To dig into shared history. To realise that despite the years and happenings, I am still me. The essence of what makes me, is unchanged. So we enjoyed a morning out at Castle Hill. Big rocks and blue skies.

The girl in those pics, with the wonderful smile. Who my little madam adores and follows like a puppy. She’s special. She’s my friend.

In my Garden

So I though that now spring is here and nearly summer I’d resume my weekly walk in the garden



P1010027Untitled 1010097




The beds are mostly all full now, a brassica spring bed that so far resisting bolting. Peas, peppers and garlic behind the wind shelter (which saved them from the 160km/h winds last night). My skinny potato bed, the area behind the beds dug and plated with self seeded sunflowers and corn. A new bed for zucchini and tomatoes and herbs. The back area (with its empty bed ready for manure and a frame to protect the autumn brassicas) the lines of carrots and onions surrounded by garlic, peas and beans in lines the more shaded bed with some random self sewn peas and pumpkin plants in the front.

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment. A moment form this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.



Making and Baking






Since coming home from our wonderful break away in Oz we have been busy settling back into our rhythms and routines. Baking muffins (pear and chic chip, delicious! Kind of used this recipe) A little light romper suit that was a last minute make before the holiday. Super easy pattern but so versatile. Breathe and exhale. Think about the next month or so. A birthday party to plan and christmas to prepare for. Dresses to make, recipes to try out. Exciting.

And my veggie bed make, an old pallet. Hubby split it apart for me and removed the worst of the nails. The uprights are old tree stake posts, from one that snapped when we were banging them in. Sawn into the size I needed. It was the fastest make ever and SO rewarding. Some nails that we already had, a hammer and saw and away you go.  I didn’t even crack out the tape measure. 

So if you want some raised veggie beds. But don;t want to spend any money. Go get yourself a old pallet. In NZ your local ITM will likely be giving them away, seriously giving them away. Other countries I’m less sure, may be try local building and landscape supplies. Or the local supermarket. Interesting tip – you can fit a pallet into a reasonably roomy car with a bit of gentle ‘persuasion’. Just so ya know. Not because I’ve done that or anything.