We have been doing lots of crafty bits this holiday. There has been a real change in madam being able to actively participate in making things, rather than watching and occasionally helping me. The letters we bought from the DIY store, just card letters, I cut up coloured tissue and left her to it with some white glue. Of course there had to be glitter added. After that I just sealed them up with a coat of modpodge (to stop the glitter shedding over everything) They now have pride of place above her bed – I hung them as a surprise while she was at preschool, and she was delighted when she saw them. The cutest “go my goodness, I made those!”.

She also chose some fabrics from my stash to put in the hoops, just to add a touch to her room that she really selected and chose. And one that we can change and alter as she wishes. The birds on the lantern wire she found in a sale bin. The lanterns she’s had for ages, they act as her night lights. I sort of wish I’d chosen white ones and she could have stuck coloured tissue on herself, but we can always do that another year.


We also had a tidy and ‘spring clean’ in the main room. Swopping sofas around has given her a much larger area to play/read – yes thats a cat in her chair. Ask the cat and she’ll tell you its her chair not madams. We use the back wall to hand the bits she’s proud of or wants to display – the fridge can only hold so much art!


My fabric mail arrived in the week, its been washed and folded ready for me to stare at it, to afraid to cut use it. I think some of the Heather Ross and Wee Wonder stuff I’ll keep until I have a really specific project in mind. The pink with gold birds will be her christmas dress. And apparently she wants the owls as trousers! Its arrival made me have a tidy in my craft room ….. Which led to me planning a new quilt and ……

a GIVEAWAY – wow so exciting, never done one before.


This is a pile of off cuts, pieces of fabric that I cannot use in my newest quilt. Some pieces are little scraps – the sort that are perfect for craft or log cabin style quilting. Some are bigger than fat quarter size. There’s batiks, Heather Ross, Michael Miller, Art Gallery, Sarah Jane and others. Its all quilting cotton. I cannot stand it to go to waste but its sat being unloved in my (messy but getting tidier) craft room.

So on friday next week I’ll put all the names of all commenters who fancy it in a hat and get madam to pull one out. 

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  1. It is so fun displaying our kiddos artwork, I love seeing it around our home.

    What a sweet giveaway, thanks.

    PS I have one on my blog today too 🙂

  2. Her name looks gorgeous up on the wall, and I love those fabric choices in the hoops, she clearly has excellent taste! And you know me and fabric scraps – can never have too much! Especially when they look as lovely as your scraps do!

  3. I’ve been wanting to do the fabric in embroidery hoops for so long! Maybe just maybe I’ll do it now. 🙂 That pile of scraps is so lovely! 🙂

  4. sad again to live close to zealand but far from new zealand 😉 too far for this giveaway…
    i love how does it look her play area

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