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Some crafting, a top and shorts have made there way through the cut and sew process. The top is a Brownie Goose mash up, I altered the shoulder/sleeves a little. And the shorts are the Little Big Pixie Shorts pattern that I tested. Love them as they come together so easily.

We have been planting seeds inside and out. Kohl rabi in the trays and sweet peas to climb the trellis. And reading in quiet moments. Love my kindle. Ok, nothing beats a real book, but at the rate I read we would need a second mortgage just for books. And my patience doesn’t stretch to the library ordering in the ‘next’ book in whatever series I’m devouring.

Madam has really been into her writing and drawing this holiday, the drawing above she did totally by herself – I was in the shower. I came out and she proudly showed me her picture of daddy and his ‘name’ – she was upset that she ran out of room for the final ‘dy’ of Daddy.

We hit the theatre today. Such fun. A trip in with her buddies and a fantastic production of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. A modern edition with a rapping Goldi and the worlds funniest Humptydumpty.

I’m also trying to get back on the exercise wagon. I fell off it over a month ago. And when I say fell off, I mean jumped wildly away from it and ran in the other direction. Oh the pain. And the good intentions.

Tomorrow I promise a pictorial post of more interesting bits and bobs. Fabric mail, pony pics, shorts being worn and some other crafty projects that we’ve got on the go.

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  1. What a great drawing, well done for getting back on the exercise wagon (a month isn’t the end of the world!), and look forward to the piccies.

    1. Thank you, Ive manage to run (well stumble along gasping for air) the last couple of evenings. I just have no inner determination!

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