This is our little entry into The Magic onions Fairy Garden contest. Its the first time we’ve ever trie to build a fairy garden.

Its a little left-field due to it being winter here and all. I had hoped for some snowy garden pics but that wasn’t to be, so we for heavy frost ones instead. Its a real little garden, in the pot that our lemon tree grows in. Its just with -5 nights there not a lot flowering or growing!

The lemon on the tree is there for the fairies to take sips from, to go with their hot toddies and roasted chestnuts. The stones and furniture little miss helped make, especially the sparkly stones. We made the fairies a mid winter christmas tree and pompom bunting.

There is a little ladder that was left against the tree after the autumn lemon harvest and our little peg lady greets all fairy and elves warmly as the sun rises and they emerge form their overnight nest and burrows. In summer a little fairy steam trickles along the pale stones, keeping the tree watered and the fairies cool, but in winter its frozen up and shiney. 

There is a camp fire, wood stacked up by the cottage for burning and icicles hanging from the gables. The acorn bowls hold warming stew when the fairies are eating, cooked with flatbread over the camp fire. Little miss has also suggested they roast marshmallows for pudding and drink hot cocoa.









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  1. It does look magical with the frost on it. Beautiful fairy garden. We’re just trying to finish ours off too, not feeling hugely inspired with it at the moment either!

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