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Just hanging out, by a warm fire, away from the biting cold.

July 13, 2014 52 Project





Slowly finishing madams hat. A little CD book for her audio stories – we copy CD’s from the library so don’t have cases. This seems to have solved the ‘loose CDs all over the floor’ issue in her room next to the player.

A few scraps of blanket and felt, sewn up with madam on my knee helping as she put it. Only 6 pockets to stop it being to bulky. 

July 13, 2014 Crafting


Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment. A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

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July 12, 2014 This Moment







While Madam was happily playing with her buddies at preschool I had a bit of a play with some patterns. I used my favourites by BrownieGoose. The Nelle top and mash fit into a shortened Henrietta trouser. Added a inch to the waistband to allow for a casing. Lined bodice (to lazy to make bias tape). Gathered hems

Madam likes them as unlike traditional pantsuits the elastic neck/shoulder means she can get them on and off by herself. I have some fabric on order so I can see a couple more pairs in the future. Slightly taller waistbands and bodice length to accommodate her growing. 

It was a bit of a trial by error. I used the seam ripper a fair bit. I cut the pants un-mirrored – so had to trim them off and add the side panel. Its made the pant is a little snug on her rear. I also should have allowed a touch more for the folded up casing made from the bottom of the bodice, just to make them a little more roomy. But over all, a fun and successful mornings efforts. A little bit of creating that made me slow down, take a breath and enjoy the time spent.

I’ll try a tutorial next time, pics and everything!

July 6, 2014 Crafting


Joining Soulemama for ~This Moment, a moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.


Our ‘can’t be bothered to drive to far to find snow .. this roadside slope will do!’ sledding session

July 4, 2014 This Moment



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In light of my attempts to pacify my unhappy stomach I’ve been looking at ways to try and minimise the impact of gluten without totally excluding it from our lives. Mostly because I’m crap at cooking with gluten free flours. seriously the pits. everything. is. a. brick.

Ive started a sourdough starter. So far (2 days) so good. It’s not dead yet lol. I used this guide – incidentally Im loving this blog generally too. And I made some crackers with this recipe which we love. And lastly I put in a batch of no knead refrigerator dough. Hoping that a long proof (3 days) will help make the gluten more digestible.

The fridge bread is a simple linseed mix, I start it as usual, leave it to rise for about 3h after mixing. Then pop it in the fridge. You can use it after a night or so but Ive read around and it seems leave it for about 3 days is about right. bring it out, shape, leave to rise. Bake. Eat. This post explains it really well – and you can make bulk too.

I also made the banana cake I mentioned in my last post (or the one before that?) and its delicious. Even hubby likes it.

Wow, I’m really linky at the moment. Sorry.

July 4, 2014 Food






Its finished. My crochet blanket that started as a practice swatch and grew. Its not perfect, I learnt as I went along (thank you you tube!) but Its cute and fits Madams little doll perfectly. The scalloped edges are to squashed – next time I’ll skip a stitch in between them. But I like it, and so does little lady. I have a hat in the works which I’m hoping to have finished by the end of the weekend.

And then I’m thinking of new projects, I have a few ideas. This doll, or coasters . Or slippers. So many options.

July 3, 2014 Crafting

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