Or Hiro as Nim called it.





Our kid just LOVES trains. Her track and Thomas the Tank die casts are some of her very favourite toys, she builds amazing tracks that spiderweb across her bedroom floor and when she’s playing her not so little voice carries from her room. A excited, vivacious and bossy dialog between Thomas, Percy and friends, the fat controller shows up some times. He’s pretty bossy too.

So today, as we were locking the door and putting the sledge and salopettes in the car we heard a ‘hoot hoot’ – to be honest Rich and I just continued and didn’t register it. Madam on the other hand started hollering about trains. We jumped in and chased it – right into the mountains. Over taking and stopping to watch it steam past, three times. Only diverting off to find the snow. Finding it again at Arthurs Pass, where it stopped.

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