Insanely picture heavy post of a little part of our weekend. We went to find snow, we found it. It was awesome. I think the pics say it all really. 

The drive up was glorious, a mixture of rain, rainbows, sun cracking though clouds and snow capped peaks. I love you South Island.

We are really hoping for a more decent dump of snow so we can get up to the ski fields – once the school hols are over- and try little lady on blades. These pics were taken at Porters Pass – its the 3rd highest road elevation in the SI and the amount of snow was pretty poor for this time of year. Enough for us to enjoy but not any more.

From there we headed to Arthurs Pass for lunch and a waterfall walk. And we saw a lovely steam train. Pics of that to come.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous photos. And the roads are so clear, if we get any snow here, our roads are completely useless for any driving. Winter never seems so bad with snow and sunshine.

    1. Yes, we are lucky they are really active with grit and graders. Just while we were sledding the grader went back and forth 3 times. They don’t salt grit here tho – just use a standard stone grit – works well, except when you get a load on your windscreen and bonnet and it cost a bunch in re-spray and replacement screen!

  2. but look at her face!!! she looks so happy…
    i didn’t have lots of snow this winter, so it’s maybe the same weather for you know.

    1. Yup I think the season are changing, we had HUGE snow 3 winters ago, even at our house, but the last 2 years almost nothing 🙁

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