Today I took my camera walking and decided to have a play at manual. Real proper manual. M mode. Manual focus. So the majority of pictures were dunces, a hilarious collection  of photographic misfires. I did learn a fair bit about my camera. Ha and my own ability or lack thereof. I’m not sure I’ll shoot on M all the time, particularly when chasing a fast moving little person. But I certainly like the better depth and feel of some of the pictures, which I definitely wasn’t getting simply on auto.

It was bitterly cold, bright and sunny. A wonderful refreshing winter walk. 

And as a side note, no I wont be offended by anyones who’s privately thinking, my god those pictures are awful, for god sakes woman just keep it on auto and accept your not a photographer!

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  1. i find them fantastic, aimee! i started to use the manual a few months ago but i think as you, it isn’t as easy to take a photo in movement with the manual mode (ok, at least for me that i’m not specialist). there’re also lots of blurry photos, but… it’s just a game 😉 xx

    1. Thank you – yup I totally agree, using manual when shooting a moving target is hard – I often use auto focus then manual the shutter/aperture. These little people move so quick. Your right too – its a game and its important to not get to stressed

  2. I’ve had a play with my brother-in-law’s posh camera on manual and found it incredibly hard. Yours look great. I especially love the drops on the wire fence. So often I’ve tried to capture drops like that, they look amazing in real life but it never translates to a photo with me. But yours really do look gorgeous, you’ve caught the light on them so well.

    1. Thank you. Hubby uses manual all the time so I tend to tap him up for ideas and get him to set up my camera so its reasonably correct for what I want! And often dial it to iA for pics I just want to make sure aren’t washouts!

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