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In light of my attempts to pacify my unhappy stomach I’ve been looking at ways to try and minimise the impact of gluten without totally excluding it from our lives. Mostly because I’m crap at cooking with gluten free flours. seriously the pits. everything. is. a. brick.

Ive started a sourdough starter. So far (2 days) so good. It’s not dead yet lol. I used this guide – incidentally Im loving this blog generally too. And I made some crackers with this recipe which we love. And lastly I put in a batch of no knead refrigerator dough. Hoping that a long proof (3 days) will help make the gluten more digestible.

The fridge bread is a simple linseed mix, I start it as usual, leave it to rise for about 3h after mixing. Then pop it in the fridge. You can use it after a night or so but Ive read around and it seems leave it for about 3 days is about right. bring it out, shape, leave to rise. Bake. Eat. This post explains it really well – and you can make bulk too.

I also made the banana cake I mentioned in my last post (or the one before that?) and its delicious. Even hubby likes it.

Wow, I’m really linky at the moment. Sorry.

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  1. I could never master gluten free baking either. I did have a few successes, but overall I was a flop at it. My friend has a great space full of wonderful gluten free baking, you should check it out. http://www.sheletthemeatcake.com Maggie is the gluten free baking queen 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you, i’ll check it out – anything is a help! Even if I could get a 1:1 ratio of success to fail id be happy lol – currently my fails outnumber my success in shamefully high numbers!

  2. you can try with a wheat+saracen flour mix… even with just a few of wheat flour, because, at least in my case, just saracen won’t make a good mix for bread/biscuits/whatever. i use an ancien type of wheat flour, which is suppossed to have less gluten or, at least, less quantity of “bad” gluten. i also love oat biscuits, not as nocive as wheat gluten…

    1. Thats a great idea, I’ll have to try it. Love oat biscuits too, and coconut and almond ones – they never last long in this house!

  3. Oh dear, hope your tummy settles down soon for you, no fun. Must try those crackers, they look really good.

    1. thoroughly recommend them, easy to make and they go with everything (particularly cream cheese and beetroot relish at the moment!

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